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If you like the idea of a latte in a shiny tall can but not the cold brew or the matcha kind we re sorry to say we have no more latte on the go oat drinks available at the moment. The unsweetened version of soy milk has roughly 70 calories per cup flax milk has 25 to 60 coconut milk has 45 and pea milk has 70.

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Anyway regarding this matcha latte we are pretty sure that we don t need to remind you that we exclusively make non milk 100 plant based products.

Oatly oat milk latte calories. One cup of unsweetened oat milk is about 120 calories compared to about 30 to 40 calories in almond milk. Just heat this barista edition oat drink in a container while giving it a whirl until it foams up nicely and then pour yourself a latte without milk. A grande sized oat milk latte at starbucks has 2g of fiber and 1g of protein which is something to note but not worth celebrating horton says.

But you could always brew your own coffee and pour in a splash of warm barista edition and you d basically have a café au lait. Ingredients oat base water oats 11 rapeseed oil agave syrup 2 matcha tea powder 0 4 salt algae lithothamnium calcareum natural flavoring. Acidity regulator so that the mocha and the oat base mingle nicely on your taste buds check.

There s about 270 calories in the drink at this. We looked at the nutritional information for pacific natural foods organic oat non dairy beverage pureharvest organic oat milk and oatly s and there s approximately 130 calories per 8 oz one cup serving. And if you don t feel like a latte you will be happy to know that this product tastes just as amazing if you drink it straight or pour it on your granola or put it to work with your cooking skills.

Ingredients oat base water oats 10 coffee extract 2 8 sugar 2 5 rapeseed oil cocoa powder 0 4 acidity regulator calcium carbonate sodium carbonates stabiliser gellan gum natural flavouring salt. In contrast a cup of whole cow s milk has 150 and the skim version of cow s milk has 90 calories.

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