Goat Milk Yogurt Benefits

Goat Milk Yogurt Benefits

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Some people shy away from trying goat s milk yogurt because they don t like the taste of goat s milk cheese. The health benefits of goat milk include its ability to aid in weight loss reduce inflammation optimize digestion improve the bioavailability of nutrients strengthen bones boost heart health strengthen immunity increase metabolism prevent toxins from accumulating in the body and benefit overall health.

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But goat s milk is slightly lower in lactose than cow s milk about 12 percent less per cup and in fact becomes even lower in lactose when cultured into yogurt.

Goat milk yogurt benefits. For those who don t know it is one of the vital components for helping the body to gain energy maintaining it for extended periods. Although cow s milk dominates in the u s goat s milk is actually the world s preferred milk. But goat s milk yogurt has a slightly sweet yet tangy taste that many people enjoy once they give it a try.

Another option is to buy raw goat s cheese which is becoming increasingly popular in the west. Health benefits of goat s milk yogurt. Health benefits of goat s milk yogurt.

Goat milk yogurt offers substantial probiotic benefits and can help support gastrointestinal health. There is an abundance of vitamin b2 also known as riboflavin in goat milk. It s noted for its sweet taste and somewhat salty undertone.

It can also promote weight loss protect against diabetes and help lower blood pressure. Goat s milk yogurt has more vitamin a vitamin b1 riboflavin and calcium than cow s milk yogurt. The probiotics benefits present in goat milk yogurt may help support healthy digestion lower your risk of diabetes support weight and fat loss and reduce high blood pressure.

When consumed it s usually in whole milk or evaporated milk form but can also be eaten as a cheese. Try it with fruit or granola for a healthy breakfast or snack.

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