How Long Does Oat Milk Last Unrefrigerated

Like other milk alternatives the oat milk is perishable and will spoil if it s opened and not refrigerated. Soy milk should be smooth and a slightly off white color.

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It then has a shelf life of five to 15 days.

How long does oat milk last unrefrigerated. And if it s a big brand it s probably because of the diet of one of their overflow suppliers. For example it s a lot safer to leave milk out for a while during a chilly winter in maine rather than a toasty summer in arizona. The milk remains at high heat for at least 15 seconds followed by rapid cooling.

That said once you open your carton of oat milk then you re on the clock. After that point inspect smell or taste the milk to see if it s spoiled. That window closes quickly if the ambient temperature rises.

According to the us food and drug administration refrigerated foods including milk should never be out of the fridge at room temperature for longer than two hours. Ultra high temperature uht pasteurization also known as aseptic processing involves heating milk using sterile equipment and filling it under aseptic conditions. Whatever kind of milk it is it should be ok for a couple of days and it will still be usable for most purposes when it has developed a slight sour smell.

If possible plan on opening your oat milk when you know you ll be able to drink it for the next week. Unlike dairy milks oat milk doesn t last more than 10 days after it has been opened. Oat milk has a shorter window of time that it s fresh it usually lasts about 7 10 days in the fridge once it s been opened.

The fridge temperature is at 37 f. Try to use up the container of oat milk within a week to 10 days to ensure you still have the freshest taste. Uht milk named after the ultra high temperature process by which it s treated and sometimes called shelf stable or aseptic milk is briefly heated to about 275 degrees fahrenheit and packed into.

After opening many of the oat milk companies recommend refrigerating the oat milk and to use it within seven days. When i was young we didn t have a fridge milk would last a day and a half to two days in hot weather longer if the bottle was wrapped in wet newspaper. Like other dairy products kefir comes with a date on the package.

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