Oat Milk Tea Latte

Next pour in your matcha and foam. You will want to start very slow and then gradually adjust the speed to reach the maximum speed.

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Mocha oat milk latte.

Oat milk tea latte. Whisk vigorously to create foam on top. If desired use a hand whisk or electronic frothing wand to froth mixture. Warm up your oat milk in a medium sized pan until steam is coming out of the pan.

Gently stir or whisk with your sweetener. Once your water boils pour about 1 3 of the cup full of water and steep your tea for at least 10 minutes. Add espresso to mug if using and pour oat milk mixture over top.

Pour the matcha latte into your desired mug and serve. Do not let it bubble. For example oatly s barista edition oat milk contains a plant based additive that keeps the milk from separating when it hits your coffee or tea.

Instead i m sitting here drinking tea meh and wishing i could take that mug of creamy frothy deliciousness straight off the screen. Boil the milk and the spices together. If using a blender you can heat the latte up in the microwave to achieve the desired temperature.

Chai oat milk latte. Honey or sugar also works. Once your milk is just steaming transfer to a blender.

In fact starbucks uses this exact brand of milk for its oat lattes. This recipe features yogi honey lavender stress relief tea an herbal tea blended with soothing lavender chamomile and lemon balm herbs traditionally used in ayurveda to help promote relaxation. Pour in your steamed oat milk spooning frothy foam on top to finish.

In a milk frother or blender combine the oat milk matcha powder and honey. Mix on high speed until everything is well combined and the matcha powder has completely dissolved. Boil your water and heat up your oat milk.

Once the oat milk is heated take the milk frother and froth your milk. Serve hot with some cinnamon. In your drinking cup or bowl add simple syrup if you are using.

This looks sooooo lush. All that being said the best type of oat milk to steam and foam for your honey oat milk latte is a brand s barista blend. This delicious honey lavender oat milk latte is a nourishing cup of goodness and the perfect drink to enjoy when relaxation is your priority.

I would be making this right now instead of writing this comment if i had any oat milk oh why don t i put some form of milk alternative on every shopping list. You want it strong. If desired add a dash of simple syrup for sweetness.

Place all the ingredients except espresso into a small saucepan pot and heat over medium low heat for 3 4 minutes making sure not to overheat. This vegan friendly chai latte switches up the original recipe with oat milk and black tea. Make tea and pour 3 4 cup in a mug and add 1 4 of strained spiced milk.

Simmer the oat milk until steaming and about to boil.

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