Chobani Oat Milk Organic

Chobani Oat Milk Organic

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Natural flavors organic rapeseed oil low erucic acid sea salt calcium carbonate gellan gum baking soda. Made with the goodness of organic gluten free oats.

Introducing Chobani Oat Chobani Milk Packaging Food Packaging Design Beverage Packaging

Not a low calorie food.

Chobani oat milk organic. Chobani brand has launched its first milk line and it s dairy free chobani oat milk is made with organic gluten free non gmo sun dried oats from the prairies of saskatchewan canada. Coffee water coffee organic oat blend water organic whole grain oats contains 2 or less of. Not a low calorie food.

After harvest oats are dried by sun and air. Perk up your cup. Chobani oat barista edition is crafted for at home baristas and coffee professionals.

Their organic reduced sugar oat original plant based beverage is certified organic and non gmo. Chobani oat zero sugar is the most delicious creamy plant based milk with absolutely no sugar. But we think the non dairy oat milk variety is a little more exciting.

Instead chobani dries its oats with the sun and air. It s made with their signature oat milk which uses certified gluten free oats according to the company. An unsweetened absolutely no sugar added version of our rich and creamy chobani oat made with the goodness of gluten free oats.

Made from gluten free oats needing less water than almonds to grow. Their pure black cold brew is simply coffee so it s also dairy free. Chobani coffee launches in cold brew with non dairy oat milk.

Additionally it has a minimal ingredient list that s free of added sugars. A good source of calcium and vitamins a and d without nuts dairy lactose or sugar. Chobani uses organic oats and does not use glyphosate as a drying agent.

We source our organic gluten free non gmo oats from the prairies of saskatchewan canada. And packaged in a recyclable sustainable forestry initiative certified pulp carton. With the exception of the new zero sugar chobani oat milk drinks use organic gluten free non gmo sun dried oats from the prairies of saskatchewan canada.

Next they are milled in a centuries old style hydrated and treated with special enzymes to give them a delicious taste and balanced texture. Chobani oat milk is made with organic oats. Earlier this year researchers from the university of washington found that glyphosate could increase the cancer risk of those exposed to it by 41 percent.

Chobani mills these oats in a centuries old style but uses modern techniques to create a creamy fluid finish. Glyphosate is a herbicide. Chobani oat milk is now pouring in zero sugar extra creamy and more.

It s versatile fantastic for froths and foams and a great non dairy swap for all your cappuccinos lattes teas and more. Try the new chobani oat milk for just 1 99 with a new sale and coupon at safeway through september 8th.

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