Coconut Milk Or Soy Milk Healthier

Coconut Milk Or Soy Milk Healthier

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Coconut milk is low in protein and carbohydrates and high in saturated fat. The quantity and quality of cow s milk.

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Your choice was whole low fat or skim all of it from cows.

Coconut milk or soy milk healthier. Coconut milk has a nice creamy consistency and a pleasant coconut flavored taste but doesn t stack up nutritionally to cow milk and soy milk dudash says. Buying milk at the market used to be an easy proposition. Also unlike soy and dairy milk coconut milk is quite low in protein so you won t get quite as much of a nutritional boost.

But in the past decade the dairy case has exploded with a wide range of plant based milks among them soy almond cashew coconut rice hemp even a yellow split pea milk introduced last year. Coconut milk is a bit higher in fat than other plant milks but the medium chain triglycerides mcts in coconuts is linked to some heart health benefits such as higher hdl good cholesterol. Soy milk coconut milk soy milk is a good source of protein vitamin a vitamin b 12 potassium and isoflavones plus it can be fortified with calcium and vitamin d coconut milk is not a good source of protein soy milk contains very little saturated fat coconut milk contains high in saturated fat.

Research has also directly linked the consumption of coconut milk to improved heart health weight loss and a lower risk of heart disease. Coconut milk is more accurately referred to as coconut milk beverage because it s a more diluted product than the type of coconut milk used in cooking which usually is sold in cans. Coconut milk contains coconut cream.

Milk provides us with important nutrients including calcium protein vitamin b12 vitamin a vitamin d riboflavin b2 zinc phosphorus and iodine. A 2017 study found soy fared considerably better than other milk alternatives including almond.

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