Best Oat Milk For Cereal

As we said approximating the texture and consistency of dairy milk is a challenge many dairy free options fail. 86 100 with just a hint of sweetness this oat milk has a smooth texture that can be enjoyed hot or cold and one that our friends say reminds them of soy milk.

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Oat milk is the latest plant based milk to make a splash.

Best oat milk for cereal. But chobani came out above oatly s original milk in the coffee test. In 2020 oat milk just might be the one true monarch of the alt milk universe for all your coffee balancing cereal eating and cookie dunking pleasures. Silk oat yeah.

The slight sweet flavor of oats is front and center. Perfect for your cereal coffee tea or smoothies this milk is as versatile as it is satisfying. Their oat milk consists of just oats water a hint of sea salt with some calcium vitamins and minerals to keep things on the extra healthy side.

The original oat milk company offers a beverage that has the same consistency as a glass of milk which makes it easy to drink easy to stir into coffee and easy to add to recipes that would normally call for milk like a smoothie bowl. It tastes and feels like whole milk. It doesn t make me feel like i m drinking a ground up vanilla candle or leave a lingering air freshener esque aftertaste in my mouth.

It s also a great find for those who have a sweet tooth but are trying to watch their diet because it is surprisingly low in calories 90 in 1 cup and sugar 4 grams in 1 cup so it s not overly saccharine but rather subtly sweet. Why oatly is the best non dairy milk for cereal oatly doesn t have a thin texture or hyper sweet artificial flavor. But here oatly succeeds.

Here are the 14 best oat milks for every use. Chobani s oat milk was a close runner up in our plain sipping test. It s delicious in your morning coffee or tea on cereal or poured into a nice tall glass.

Its flavor was oaty creamy and pleasantly neutral. For those seeking an indulgent vanilla infused oat milk planet oat has you covered.

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