Goat Milk Stardew Valley

Goat Milk Stardew Valley

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The item id for l. Once sufficient friendship and happiness is reached they will produce large goat milk.

Pin By Goat Milk On Gamez In 2020 Stardew Valley Stardew Valley Farms Stardew Farms

Goat milk can be collected using a milk pail.

Goat milk stardew valley. Goats mature after 5 days at which point they will produce goat milk every second morning. Large goat milk is an animal product obtained from a goat with sufficient friendship and mood. Goat milk is an item in stardew valley.

Goat milk item id. It is obtained through milking a goat. When a goat has a sufficient friendship and mood level it can produce a large goat milk which is more valuable.

The above cheat code applies to all platforms including pc mac steam xbox one ps4 and the nintendo switch. Goat milk in stardew valley is. A goat is an animal that can be purchased at marnie s ranch for 4 000g after owning a big barn.

It can also randomly rotate into the traveling cart s stock for 1 035 1 725g. Goat milk is an animal product obtained from a goat by using a milk pail.

Goat Milk Is An Animal Product Obtained From A Goat By Using A Milk Pail In 2020 Goat Milk Goats Milk Pail

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