Chai Tea Latte Recipe Oat Milk

Chai Tea Latte Recipe Oat Milk

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I sweeten mine with honey. Make tea and pour 3 4 cup in a mug and add 1 4 of strained spiced milk.

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I just like the flavor of these nutty milks in my chai tea.

Chai tea latte recipe oat milk. You want the heat to be low medium don t boil the chai as this can impair the flavour of the tea and spices. The blend of cinnamon ginger cloves and cardamom simmered in oat milk is incredible. As you may know by now i am a big chai tea latte fan.

I am not anti cow s milk. I made mine with vanilla flavoured oat milk but feel free to make it with dairy milk almond milk or soy milk. Boil the milk and the spices together.

Chai oat milk latte. The result is a creamy cup of black tea subtly spiced and fragrant with cinnamon black pepper and ginger and just the right amount of sweetness so near perfect that you ll skip the coffee shop chai or the carton and come home to make a pot of this. My all time favourite seasonal drink is an oat milk chai tea latte.

Oat milk chai tea latte. How long you brew depends on your preference if you like your chai strong you ll want to let it brew for longer. Add espresso to mug if using and pour oat milk mixture over top.

Steep the chai in a mug with the boiling water for about 7 mins or until it is deeply brewed and concentrated. Keyword chai oat milk latte recipe chai oat milk latte vegan gluten free oat milk chai recipe oat milk chai tea latte vegan london fog oat milk vegan oat milk latte recipe with chai. Meanwhile heat the oat milk over medium low for 3 4 minutes stirring in the sweetener.

Strain the oat milk through a small sieve into a bowl with foam. I use lactose free cow s milk in many of my recipes and cereal. Skim the foam off the top and place in a new bowl.

It is so simple to make at home and its all the coziness you could ever need in a cup. Lactose free cow s milk. This chai latte gives you complete control over your chai latte experience from the tea and the spices to the sweetener and type of milk.

This vegan friendly chai latte switches up the original recipe with oat milk and black tea. Before serving i like to top it off with a little frothy oat milk too. With a spoon press on the oats in the sieve until all liquid comes out.

Boil hot water and pour over 1 tsp vahdam india vanilla chai tea. Remove tea bag or tea leaves. Heat 1 2 cup of milk over low in a sauce pan and pour the oat milk into the chai tea and enjoy.

4 we normally brew our chai for 5 10 minutes. It s that time of the year where it feels so nice to escape the cold and have a a hot cup of tea. I prefer my chai tea latte with almond walnut or oat milk vs.

Oh yes you can certainly froth oat milk. Serve hot with some cinnamon. This creamy and delicious oat milk chai latte is so good and you wouldn t even know it s dairy free.

Add 200 250ml oat milk and turn on the heat. Put the oats and water into a blender and blend on high for 2 minutes. Toss the solids and set aside the liquid.

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