Porridge Milk To Oat Ratio

Porridge Milk To Oat Ratio

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Transfer the oats to a small saucepan and on medium heat add the water milk and salt if using and stir. For steel cut oats the ratio is 1 cup of liquid per 1 4 cup of oats.

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Stick with a 2 1 ratio of liquid to oats when making overnight oats to achieve a spoonable porridge like consistency.

Porridge milk to oat ratio. For quick oats in the microwave i recommend between two and two and a half cups of water per cup of oats. Use full fat milk for a creamy taste or use low fat milk for a lighter texture. Quick cook jumbo or rolled oats.

Multiply the ingredients by the number of people you are serving. I even use the same for oatmeal. If you are using quick cooking or rolled oats the ratio is 1 cup of liquid per 1 2 cup of oats.

Full fat milk makes a delicious but queasily rich breakfast but even allowing for the time honoured creamy moat of milk at the end porridge made with water only has a puritan thinness of. After approximately 5 minutes or once the porridge looks creamy and has the desired consistency turn off the heat and cover allowing to steam for another 5 minutes. Add 1 2 cup 125 ml of milk and 1 2 cup old fashioned oats into a container.

Bring to a boil then reduce heat and simmer stirring continuously. Measure the oats and milk into a container with a lid. My favourite ways for making porridge are.

Mason jars and plastic bowls work well for this method. To get it just right he likes rolled oats cooked in a 50 50 blend of milk and water sprinkled with sugar and with more cold milk poured over the top so you can eat it quickly. Actually you let the oats rest.

1 part oats 2 parts milk 1 4 part seeds then sweeten season and eat. As a rule of thumb to make perfect porridge i always use a 2 1 ratio. I use this ratio for all oats.

Most recipes will use the 2 5 ratio but that s slightly on the watery side. Dean banks of haar in st andrews says that porridge is a heartwarming breakfast that provokes childhood memories in an instant. That s two parts fluid to one part oats.

It doesn t really matter whether you cook your porridge in milk or water i prefer water with a slight pinch of salt the ratios are similar. You don t need a recipe just memorize this simple ratio for how to make overnight oats. Mind the liquid to oat ratio read the instructions on the side of your oatmeal container and do what they say to avoid a pasty sticky mess or a soupy mush.

That can be two parts water milk or milk substitute to one part oats.

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