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You can eat it with many different types of food. As a dietitian who believes that eating healthy can and should taste good i love that endangered species chocolate has created a lower.

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Other brands including land pump street raaka and mast also produce oat milk chocolate.

Chocolate oat milk uses. I like to use oatly barista or oatly full fat go for the full bodied stuff. According to the indianapolis based brand oats are healthy and give the chocolate a distinctive creamy flavor. Oats are also good for the environment and frequently used in crop rotation to maximize sustainability and preserve healthy soil.

The three ounce bars have a paper label with a foil inner wrap carry an srp of 2 99 and ship 12 per display 12 displays per case and in 96 ct shippers. Benefits of drinking oat milk. The baking chips are oat milk 75 dark chocolate.

If you have intestinal issues oat milk is a great way to regulate your gut microbiota due to its fiber content. It helps supplement the diet. Oat milk has more dietary fibre than other plant based milk including almond milk and so supports healthy digestion.

It also helps regulate intestinal transit. Consuming oat milk may reduce cholesterol due to how its beta glucans bind to the gut and reduce cholesterol absorption. Plus it s based on a super secret deluxe traditional paste that has been used for decades to make rich old school hot chocolate.

High levels of dietary fibre. These are the main health benefits of drinking oat milk. Among plant based milks oat milk is the clear winner for its neutral slightly sweet taste and rich consistency.

This easy 5 minute vegan hot cocoa is the perfect dairy free treat that will instantly lift up your mood. All the saturated fats in cow s. It works well for your morning latté but can also be used in baking and even poured.

Oat milk hot chocolate ready to blow your tastebuds away. Created by baristas in london minor figures oat milk barista is designed to be great for foaming or steaming. The recipe relies on creamy oat milk raw cacao powder and maple syrup with a pinch of sea salt and cinnamon to amplify the chocolate flavor.

Oat milk is an excellent source of these essential nutrients as commercial varieties are typically fortified with vitamin b2 and vitamin b12.

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