Is Oat Milk Better Than Almond Milk For Weight Loss

Is Oat Milk Better Than Almond Milk For Weight Loss

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Oat milk has slightly more carbohydrates and calories so if you re looking to lose weight or cut calories unsweetened almond milk may be a better choice but really you can t go wrong with either. A mere 2 5 grams per cup.

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Oat milk has more riboflavin and vitamin b12 however almond milk contains more niacin.

Is oat milk better than almond milk for weight loss. It is very versatile thanks to the great flavor and thick creamy texture. It also has good nutritional values with high fiber moderate protein and beta glucans. Ultimately both almond milk and oat milk are fine choices.

Both almond milk and oat milk are high in calcium. As seen above the almond derivative is low in calories but it is also low in all other nutrients compared to oat milk. Oat milk typically only contains 15 oats so you ll get some oat benefit but not a great deal.

Believe it or not oat milk actually contains more bone strengthening calcium than cow s milk and virtually no fat in comparison. Almond milk and oat milk are both great for people looking for plant based options. In terms of calories alone the almond option seems to be the best milk for weight loss as its competition has almost 3 3 times more than the calorie count in one cup.

But oat milk tends to have more calories and fat than almond. The oat alternative favored by people who seek a stronger creamy flavor that resembles dairy milk is also the least allergenic on the market. Many manufacturers add additional vitamins and minerals to oat milk to increase the nutritional value of.

In general oat milk is better. Oat milk comfortably beats other non dairy options like nut milk and coconut milk although if you re looking for an extra protein boost soy milk does trump oat milk in that department. When it comes to the actual oat content of oat milk however it s a similar story to almond milk.

For a quick recap of significant nutrients and differences in almond milk and oat milk. In fact they contain a type of fibre called beta glucan which supports heart health by working to lower cholesterol. However oat milk is not suitable for weight loss and people with diabetes.

It also has about one gram more of fiber and protein per 8 ounce serving. Almond milk has signficantly more vitamin e than oat milk. If you prefer a low sugar option almond milk is the way to go.

If you re looking for a low calorie option and don t care as much about consistency or flavor almond milk will certainly do the trick. Along with soy milk oat milk provides more riboflavin or vitamin b 2 than cow s milk.

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