Steaming Milk For Coffee Temperature

When steaming your milk place your dominant hand around the jug. The foamy froth should form atop the mixture with a rich texture that allows it to be shaped and poured.

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The temperature of the milk can also be your best friend in adjusting your final foam level but i will delve into that in more detail later.

Steaming milk for coffee temperature. Finish remove the pitcher from the wand bleed the steamer once more and wipe clean with a damp towel. Most coffee houses steam their milk between 140 and 160 degrees fahrenheit. Once the milk exceeds 145 degrees fahrenheit cease the steaming process.

As the foam begins to build move the nozzle upward with the swelling height of the steaming milk. The sca recommends heating milk to 55 65 c 139 149 f with a maximum temperature of 70 c 158 f and minimum of 50 c 122 f. You can use a thermometer until it reaches 60 degrees or hold the jug with your palm until it feels uncomfortable.

Of course the cornerstone of latte art is steamed milk. Once the milk stretching is complete move your milk jug slightly to the side so the milk spins in a whirlpool quietly there should be no spluttering or high pitched sounds until it reaches the correct temperature. How to steam barista oat milk.

The milk will continue to heat a few more degrees once you shut off the steam hitting the desired temperature of 160 degrees. After stretching for 5 10 seconds you ll feel the jug will come up to body temperature submerge the steam tip under the surface. The technique of steaming oat milk is very similar to steaming dairy milk.

Getting the right consistency and aeration of your milk takes time and practice but there are a few steps that beginners can take to better understand milk steaming. Our oat milk works great for these simple steamed drinks. Turn off the steam wand when the thermometer registers 150 to 170 f 65 to 77 c.

In a cafe your barista is aiming to heat the milk to somewhere between 60 65degrees and 70degrees for extra hot. Create a milk whirlpool by tilting the jug so the milk hits against the side of the jug this reduces the size of the bubbles creating microfoam which gives the lovely silky texture. How to properly steam the milk.

This suggestion is backed up by research into the chemistry of heating milk. Allowing the milk to become any hotter risks the milk being tainted with a burnt taste due to the scalding effect of excess heat. First you want to introduce the steam to the milk.

A simple rule to follow is that if the metal pitcher is too hot to hold comfortably for more than a second then the milk will be too hot and will taste bad. This aerates the milk which creates the foam needed for lattes or cappuccinos.

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