Oat Milk With Added Protein

Oat Milk With Added Protein

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Oat milk is an excellent source of many vitamins and minerals as well as fiber. Dairy milk is also full of lots of other beneficial nutrients like calcium iodine and potassium.

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Just use any kind of dairy milk which has 8 9 grams of protein per 1 cup 240 ml serving instead of water when you cook the oatmeal.

Oat milk with added protein. Manufacturers may also add vitamin b12 calcium and riboflavin to oat milks to provide some nutrients found naturally in cow s milk. Oath oat milk believes oat milk can be more than just an add in to your coffee or cereal though. Most non diary milks don t have that much protein but 1 cup of soy milk has about 8 grams and 1 cup of skim milk has 8 grams as well.

The two kinds also contain a similar number of calories. I also recommend using it to mix with an iced chai or coffee. Top oats with high protein toppings like hemp seeds chia seeds and flaxseed.

To make the drink warm heat the oat milk to the desired temperature and then add all other ingredients and shake well. Not only will cooking your oatmeal with milk add more protein it will also make it creamier and more flavorful. You can have this cold or warm.

The entire range of oath flavors is organic vegan kosher and free of gums dairy soy gluten processed sugars and gmos. One cup 240 ml of unsweetened fortified oat milk by oatly contains approximately. Cook oatmeal using protein rich milk.

Organic golden milk s benefits are easing inflammation. The best thing about this oat milk is the nutritional value and the added protein which is essential for people with a plant based only diet. You can buy golden milk blend at whole foods gnc walmart or even online through amazon.

One of best oat milks with extra protein this is the perfect oat milk to use with your smoothies because it provides a thicker consistency. Use milk instead of water or almond milk to cook the oats. They ve created a line of tasty flavored oat milk beverages using only organic plant based and vegan ingredients.

Other ways to add protein to oatmeal.

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