Oat Milk Vs Lactaid

Oat Milk Vs Lactaid

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If you re vegan because it s part of your religion or because you love animals more power to you however if you re vegan because you think you ll be getting health benefits you should probably reconsider. An excellent reason oat milk is lactose free i hope oats help you fart less.

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Oat milk is inobtrusive flavor wise and also one of the creamier of the dairy alternatives with 5 grams of fat per cup.

Oat milk vs lactaid. Another study observed that on average consuming three grams of oat beta glucans daily lowered bad ldl blood cholesterol by 5 7. Using oat milk for lactose free soups and stews. Organic whole milk lactose free 2 milk organic 1 milk skim milk soy milk almond milk and oat milk.

If you need a creamy base for a soup that won t collide with the flavor you are going for oat milk is going to be your go to dairy alternative. Dynan cites a study in men which found that drinking about three cups of oat milk daily over five weeks reduced total blood cholesterol by 3 and bad ldl cholesterol by 5. After drinking them all straight up splashed into coffee infused with fruit loops fried into french toast and steamed by a barista we couldn t actually pick one overall winner though we did pick one for each round of tasting.

This makes oat milk a great lactose free addition to many savory dishes that traditionally call for dairy.

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