Steel Cut Oats Milk Instant Pot

Steel Cut Oats Milk Instant Pot

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Rolled oats are flattened and toasted and instant oats are pre pulverized. Secure the lid and close the vent.

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Ratio 1 part steel cut oats.

Steel cut oats milk instant pot. Set to manual. Steel cut oats take 30 40 minutes to cook on the stovetop but take a fraction of that time in the instant pot. Keep the natural release at 10 minutes.

Keep the natural release at 10 minutes. Reduce the pressuring cooking time to 3 minutes on high. Using the instant pot reduces the cook time for a breakfast porridge that is nuttier in flavor and chewier in texture than quicker rolled oats.

Top with ground flax seed hemp seed cinnamon fruit honey syrup vanilla extract nut butter etc. Both will turn to mush in the instantpot. It reheat really well too so i love making a big batch when i m meal prepping for the week and it only takes a few minutes to reheat on the stovetop.

Tips and ideas for making instant pot steel cut oats. Cooking steel cut oats in the instant pot is quick easy and yields perfectly creamy oats. Place an oven safe bowl or pot on the trivet i use a 7 cup pyrex glass bowl.

Place the trivet in the instant pot. Place the oats and milk or almond milk or water into the bowl. There are 3 key things to remember to achieve perfect steel cut oats.

Instant pot steel cut oats. Add 1 cup steel cut oats into the instant pot followed by 3 cups water or plant based milk. Here s what you need to know.

Combine oats water milk cinnamon and salt in instant pot. Steel cut oats and the instant pot. How to cook steel cut oats in the instant pot.

Instant pot steel cut oats. Press the manual setting and set the cooking time for 5 minutes on high. 2 parts liquid water and or dairy free milk cook time 20 minutes.

The oatmeal is so creamy and has a really wonderful texture. Let steam release naturally for 20 minutes before. Follow a simple ratio of 1 cup oats to 3 cups liquid for perfect results every time.

You can double the ingredients if you like though you do not need to. Two of my favorite discoveries from the last 10 years. Although you might be tempted to add sugar or maple syrup to the oats before pressure cooking resist the urge.

Secure the lid and close the vent. To make steel cut oats in an 8 quart instant pot. Press the manual or pressure cooker for newer instant pot models button and set to 4 minutes.

The oats are cut with steel blades hence the name steel cut and take longer to cook than instant ground or rolled oats. You will not need as much liquid when preparing steel cut oats in your instant pot as you do when preparing on the stovetop. Be sure to buy steel cut often labeled irish oats.

Make sure the bowl does not touch the sides of the instant pot or prevent the lid from closing properly.

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