What Does Vanilla Oat Milk Taste Like

What Does Vanilla Oat Milk Taste Like

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Oat milk is thicker and naturally sweeter than many non dairy milks think somewhere between 2 percent and whole milk but still light. Just the right amount of sweet 1.

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Oat milk taste like cow s milk with an aftertaste of oat with a naturally sweeter taste.

What does vanilla oat milk taste like. Though if you prefer you can simply stick to the oats and water and leave it unflavoured if you prefer to use the oat milk in some savoury recipes. With medjool dates and vanilla. Oat milk has an after taste of oats because it made from steel cut oats or other whole oats that are blended with water and then strained to create the creamy smooth liquid.

It works well in everything from your morning coffee and cereal to most recipes including soups curries mashed potatoes and baked goods. I flavour my oat milk the same way i enjoy to flavour my almond milk. Oat milk has become so popular in recent years.

While both milks ranked highly in several tasting categories the organic whole milk reigned supreme. The oat milk moment is officially underway in fact i would say this is oat milk s year. This was the ultimate winner in the first round of ranking.

Mistakenly even with its popularity there s a lot of people that still have not tried it. It had an appetizing color a tolerable smell and a true milk taste all five tasters said they would drink it again. I would compare the consistency of oatly less to the bottom of a cereal bowl and more to a scoop of vanilla ice cream that has melted which is why it works so well in caffeinated drinks.

Oat milk is also thicker than a lot of different non dairy kinds of milk. People that don t know what oat milk tastes like they re confused. Always down to do some food sleuthing i set out to solve the mystery of the latest plant based milk and how it stacks up against the competition.

This gives the milk a slightly sweet taste to it with a hint of vanilla flavour. What does oat milk taste like. The taste is surprisingly delicious.

If you ve landed on this page chances are you haven t tried it yet too.

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