Banana Pancakes With Oat Milk

Banana Pancakes With Oat Milk

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And the method for making them is as simple as mashing the bananas and stirring the ingredients together. Ingredients in banana oatmeal pancakes these healthy pancakes are made with bananas eggs almond milk or any milk vanilla extract gluten free old fashioned rolled oats baking powder cinnamon and salt.

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Did you know that you can make pancakes without eggs and cow milk.

Banana pancakes with oat milk. Plus they are easy to make and come together in 5 minutes then you just have to cook them on a griddle or nonstick pan on the stovetop. They start off with hearty rolled oats silk almond milk banana eggs egg whites baking powder salt and a touch of real maple syrup. These pancakes can be made in 30 seconds in the blender.

Alternatively mash the banana thoroughly on a plate then transfer to a bowl. How do you make healthy banana oatmeal pancakes. I relearned the basics using different ingredients and in this case i was blown away.

These healthy pancakes are made with only 7 ingredients. Roughly chop the bananas and add to a blender with the flour baking powder and oat milk. These banana pancakes include whole grains from rolled oats banana with its potassium and fiber eggs with protein and fats that kids need for proper development and whole grain flour.

Bananas milk oats honey and egg are blended together to create a delicious healthy and filling breakfast your whole family will love. They re very fluffy naturally sweet thanks to the ripe bananas. Combine rolled oats ripe bananas eggs baking powder and a pinch of salt in a blender and blend until smooth and thick.

I ll be honest i was very skeptical at first but then i started a 30 day vegan challenge called veganuary and i experimented. Banana oatmeal pancakes have become a staple in our home. So easy and so yummy.

Banana and oat milk vegan pancake recipe.

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