Pressure Cooker Milk Steamer

Let s take a look at the method ahiruneko used. Or if making fish pie gently cooked in the milk i use to make the sauce.

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All in all don t be afraid to use a pressure cooker.

Pressure cooker milk steamer. Someone needs to insert a number of o rings at the grooves of the nozzle at which the regulator part is attached which seem to be sufficient to safely secure the attachment at a steaming pressure of 12 13 psi 0 8 0 9 bar. The traditional stove top stainless steel cooker or the more modern electronic pressure cooker. Our brave and curious reporter ahiruneko decided to give it a try though and sure enough a can of nama caramel was born.

It is a practical design that is composed of a single attachment that replaces the regulator part of the cooker pot which is easily removed. Not even a fan of microwaving fish. Pressure cooking is the process of cooking food under high pressure steam employing water or a water based cooking liquid in a sealed vessel known as a pressure cooker.

This raises the internal pressures. The pressure cooker was invented in the seventeenth century by the physicist denis papin and works by expelling air from the vessel and trapping the steam produced from the boiling liquid inside. High pressure limits boiling and permits cooking temperatures well above 100 c to be reached.

There are two kinds of pressure cookers on the market. Plus it sounds kind of dangerous to put a full can of milk into a pressure cooker doesn t it. First put the can in the pressure cooker pot sideways is easiest.

It s either baked gently or steamed. Big pressure cooker fan here and i wouldn t put fish of any variety in the pressure cooker it s just too harsh for fish that needs gentler treatment. Stainless steel and electronic pressure cookers.

It s a wonder of a kitchen appliance that can save you cooking time.

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