Coconut Milk Vs Soy Milk Calories

Coconut Milk Vs Soy Milk Calories

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Thicker milk is higher in calories and fat. From soy to almond to coconut how do you know which is.

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Calories in different types of milk not all milks are created equal.

Coconut milk vs soy milk calories. Coconut milk is much richer in calories 154 230 per 100 grams depending on how thick the milk is. I know soy milk has protein comparable to cow s milk almond milk tends to be lower calorie and coconut milk tends to be higher calorie higher saturated fat. I guess it depends on what type diet you are doing high protein low calorie or low fat.

If lactose intolerance or milk allergy is prompting a switch to coconut milk first take a look at coconut milk versus milk to weigh which is better for you. It contains almost the same protein as cow s milk 3 1g per 100ml compared with 3 4g. What are the advantages of coconut milk vs.

There is no lactose in this milk which makes it a popular alternative for people who suffer from lactose intolerance as well as vegans since it doesn t come from an animal. Soy milk the old standby alternative milk is not as popular as it once was and is now being surpassed by almond milk coconut milk and other healthier choices. Soy milk soy milk is made by mixing soaked soy beans with boiling water.

Oat milk 213 kilojoules 51 calories reduced fat cow s milk 191 kilojoules 46 calories reduced fat soy milk 153 kilojoules 37 calories skim cow s milk 142 kilojoules 34 calories. But in the past decade the dairy case has exploded with a wide range of plant based milks among them soy almond cashew coconut rice hemp even a yellow split pea milk introduced last year. A chart to help you choose.

But like coconut milk it is low in protein compared to cow s milk. Buying milk at the market used to be an easy proposition. It has around half the fat of cow s milk and a third fewer calories making it a less fattening alternative to cow s milk.

Coconut milk is also high in calories a cup of coconut milk may contains 550 calorie so it is better to avoid it during your diets. Your choice was whole low fat or skim all of it from cows. Soy is considered a decent source of protein because it contains all the amino acids you need in your diet.

Soy milk in the other hand is said to contains as many calcium as the regular cow milk but they may not actually the same because soy milk does not contain vitamin k2 which is needed to absorb the calcium. Almond milk has considerably fewer calories 17 per 100 grams than coconut milk. Soy milk is also lower in calories than whole cow s milk with approximately 130 calories per cup.

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