Mastrad TopChips Maker Product Review

Mastrad TopChips Maker Product Review

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Hi, it’s Jayden from Genie, kitchen calm. We’re doing a video review of the mast, rod chipmaker when I first saw this product and all of the advertising and marketing around this property.

I had serious serious doubts.

I there was no way that you can make crispy healthy potato chips in the microwave.

Well, I was wrong you.

Can it’s? It’s, amazing! I can’t even begin to tell you how this happens, because I have no idea there.’s.

Absolutely no oil involved in this: it’s just sliced potatoes and the microwave, and this must rod potato chip maker that is made from silicon, so it’s very durable.


This is how we do it: give your potatoes, a nice scrub and then use a mandolin to slice the potatoes as Oh as thin as you can um, not at that super thinnest setting.

But maybe you know next to last in a setting the thinner, your potato chips, the crispier and faster it’s going to cook.

So I like them like this. If you don’t have a mandolin, you can do this by hand, but it’s much harder to get all of the slices.

Very, even oh, and I totally forgot with this Moss trad chip maker, a mandolin, actually comes with the chip maker, so don’t go buy one if you don’t have when it comes with it.

The one that comes in the package is small.

I don’t really like it.

I prefer to use the one that I have already made by oXXO and I have a couple other ones, but if you don’t have one use the one that comes in the box after you slice them super thin.

Lay them out without overlapping and use a paper towel and Pat them dry.

On the top I like to Pat both sides dry.

If you only have time to Pat one side dry, that’s great but the less less moisture you have the crispy or your chips will get put them in the microwave.

For four minutes.

Wait I take that back. The timing depends on how thick you sliced your potatoes and how strong your microwave is.

So you might want to do a test batch and, of course, there are also instructions that come in the box.

The monstre chip maker comes with two silicon trays, so you can, you know, stack them up.

I like to rotate these half ways so that they evenly then I like to take them out, and I’ll remove the ones that are browned and crispy and for some reason it doesn’t all quite cook at the same time.

So I’ll put back the chips for another 30 seconds spin in the microwave.

Until everything is cooked, I like to season them with salt and pepper.

You can use any type of spice combination that you like and check this out.

Look how crisp and light and delicate these potato chips are.

There is no fat there’s.

Well, there’s, no oil! You’re! Not you’re, not deep frying! These! You’re not really baking them. You,’re microwave.

I don’t know what happens on the microwave: it’s magic, but basically this is this is a healthy snack and they’re actually really good.

Of course, I love deep, fried potato chips better, but these are a great substitute and it’s.

A great way to enjoy potato chips that that crunchy, that I crave when I, when I’m, craving potato chips.

Well, this satisfies that crave plus when you make them fresh at home.

There’s one ingredient, potatoes and if you buy baked potato chips from the store, just look at the package, they taste like chemicals, they smell like chemicals, I’d rather make them fresh at home.

I know pampered chef makes one as well, but theirs is 26 or 27.

So 10 more, but you know you do get the pampered chef customer service from one to five stars or zero to five stars.

I would give this like a four four star review.

I really really like it: it’s only 17 on Amazon, it’s absolutely worth the price, especially if you want to eat a little healthier, but still want tap to have potato chips. You .