Philips Avance Collection Indoor Smokeless Grill

Philips Avance Collection Indoor Smokeless Grill

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We’Re gon na grill inside wait what yeah we’re gon na we’re gon na grill inside. We can do that here at HSN, because this is, unlike anything else, you’ve ever seen. This is from Philips. This is the indoor smokeless grill. This is so fabulous for those of you that love grilled food and for those of you that want to enjoy year-round now you can, it is back by popular demand.

This is the only airing of the entire event. You can get it here today for $ 100 off our regular price. It sound a to 4995. We have five flex pay. We have free shipping best price anywhere best price anywhere in the country, whether it’s wings, whether it’s burgers, whether it’s your favorite steaks, it’s fish.

It’S corn on the cob, it’s chicken. I want to hear from you if you’ve already had a chance to pick this up, tell us why you love it. This was so hot, and I mean I mean I mean hot, like this thing is hot you’re grilling inside? What will they think of next F & E Roberts? Is here a culinary expert to make sure that you’re getting smokeless grilling indoors?

You know I lived in Minnesota for the last ten years. Oh this is perfect, so I want to go back and do it all over a Bissel lutely. I can have grilled food any time of year any time of year. Any time of day I just saw high temperatures up in Minnesota, Wisconsin Ohio this weekend back to the 50s and 40s. So but you can grill.

This is new technology from Phillips and it is infrared technology. As I take the steaks off, you can see that there is a red kind of really cool glowing light coming from the grill, because it is the infrared that is doing the grilling. There is no fire in here. Do you see how I can hold my hand right over this? It is hot where it needs to be, but there are no flames.

There is no large dome of heat, so this is perfectly safe to have sitting on your countertop on your island, because you also don’t need a range hood. You don’t need a vent, because the amount of smoke that is coming off this grill is little to. None. Is an innovator, they come up with things to make our world better and this smokeless girl is in. Let me explain to you a little bit how it works, so you can kind of start to wrap your head around the technology, how the infrared technology is down in side the item, so you see those lights on the side.

Those are the heating elements, the infrared and the heat wrapped up and around the food. It is a perfectly even 446 degrees at every corner of this grill. So no uneven, cooking, no hot spots, no problems or anything like that, then the pan on the bottom. This is ingenious to me: it’s called a cool touch pan. So for one thing I can mess with it while I’m cooking, but because it’s cool on the bottom, I’m cooking fatty ribeyes.

Here, anytime, the steak drops down, it doesn’t smoke because it’s landing on to a cooler surface, so Philips has found a way to put the heat up and around the food and the cooler temperatures down on the bottom to make it smokeless. But what’s important to you that you get the taste and the experience of being outside? Look at the gorgeousness of this meat. 446 degrees is the perfect searing temperature so that I am replicating my outdoor grilling experience with the color with the sear on the outside. With the juices being sealed in, but I am not having to get parts that are charred because again, if I’m not cooking with fire, I’m not getting hot spots, I’m not getting flare-ups and I’m able to actually control my cooking a little bit better than I would Have otherwise we did like an Asian marinade on this steak, go ahead and put on some fresh greens, and you know what I like about this think about an Asian teriyaki marinade, a lot of sugar in that right.

Usually, when you have sugar, that’s going down on to your grill think of the flare-ups and then you get this fire spots and then you get the char on one side of your meat. This is even cooking, so it’s kind of taken all the control that you have in your kitchen, yet all the great tastes and Sears and juiciness of grilling and put it all into one. And you know, if you ever just even intimidated by going outside to start the grill, I don’t even like starting the girl. I’Ll, be honest with you. Absolutely I’m like it’s.

The gas on is the gas off. Is it kind of do? I have to put a lighter somewhere. Why is it’s clicking, but I don’t think a plan you know is all my hairspray gon na go on fire. If I lean over yes to is the answer yeah.

Do I have to get out coal, so is there gon na be a lot of smoke? Is there gon na be a lot of fumes? Do I have to put on a heavy coat just to go outside and grill a cup of couple burgers and to come back inside to enjoy it? This is year-round grilling. All you need is electricity right.

Absolutely! You could take this. You know if you’re gon na go do some tailgating. You could take this to a picnic. You could take a point, a potluck.

I love that you suggested just setting up on your kitchen island and you know everybody can have it their way. You know the burgers. The steak, the chicken do you love the flavor of grilled food. I don’t suppose it puts those nice sear marks on there. Oh, my gosh it most certainly does grill marks.

Take a look at those steaks there. We have very wonderfully defined grill marks because again you’re dealing with a gorgeous non-stick great, so you definitely get the grill marks. You’Ll see that with the salmon we just put on as well. I love your story about you. Don’T really like to deal with the gas and the clicking.

You know what I feel like such a girl when I say this because I do like to think I can do most anything. That’S me, the one thing I don’t do in the kitchen is go out and grill because you know I don’t want to deal with the elements I don’t want to deal with the hot, the cold, the rain, whatever the bugs the gas. The charcoal, though, what’s happening inside the house with my kids, while I’m outside lighting the grill, because it’s usually some kind of rebellion. This eliminates everything you don’t like about grilling but lets you have grilled food, because we know grilled food is healthy and as we’re starting ahead in the bathing suit season and our spring healthy eating plans. I want to grill my food because I can put salmon on the grill and know that I am having an amazing amazing tasting an eel.

This is one of my favorite ways to eat vegetables yep. I don’t think, there’s anything better than grilled vegetables and I’m usually too lazy to go outside or turn on the grill or wait for it to heat up and then go back and forth and carry trays. And you know I mean think about it. Hasil to grill outdoors, unless it’s a special occasion or a holiday, you might not really want to be bothered for everyday eating, but now you can have those grilled vegetables any time of day. I do need to give you a quick heads-up.

This is our only planned airing. It sold out very quickly the last time we had it on air, and this is our only airing of the entire event it’s today and it’s right now we have about 400 of these and once they’re gone they’re gone Stephanie. This is pretty special like you’ve been to all the big cooking shows. You’Re absolutely. Is there anything else like this, where you can actually grill indoors?

Well, the it’s the infrared that is so innovative and the fact that the temperature is so even on the side. Here we have our control and there’s two settings. One of them is kind of a quick preheat and a warming setting and then there’s full blast, and that is when you see that gorgeous glowing red light on top. But the difference is you and I are literally standing here with all these grills running and it’s absolutely no problem. I’Ve got 446 degrees inside here, cooking, my food, yet I can hold my hands directly over it.

I love this because you know you mentioned we’re getting into the social season the picnic season, the barbecue season, and it is fun to hang out around the grill and barbecue and have a beverage and talk to your friends. But you can’t exactly hang out over your barbecue, you know I would not be standing there with my hand over a grill. So when I bring this inside, I’ve got little ones running around. There’S no safety concern for me, and I love that you can touch all around the outside. It is cool, touch Philips thinks of everything when it comes to actually working with the great look at that cool touch handles in case something falls through in case.

I need to grab a vegetable and work with it again. I don’t like it when things fall into the grill, because I’m not going to go in there and get it and then it flares up all over the place 446 degrees in every inch of the top. If I turn it down which, by the way, is a really cool warming mode, once you’re done cooking, that is 250 degrees all the way around. So I also use it a little bit for entertaining. There’S two settings: two settings there that you get low and there’s high.

Does your grill have to outside i/o and off the three settings? So if three clicks it’s as easy as one two three today we have our cooks event price, which is the best price anywhere nationwide. We have the best price. We also have monthly payments, those are five flex payments of $ 49.99 and we have free shipping.

Now, if you have your HSN credit card, we’ll also give you a six flex payment, which means you can space those payments out over the next six months. So I think that brings your payment down to about 4166 a month. No, I did not do the math. My producer did that, for me my husband does the grilling outdoors. For me my producer does my math, but now Stephanie and I got to do it.

Yeah it’s girls, night girls, night Ian girls are grilling. Quite honestly, I do use this most nights of the week for my family right now, because everybody’s all into the grilled food now Sara you haven’t gotten to cook with me before yeah. One of our things here at HSN is cheese. If you haven’t noticed I’m down with that, we are all about cheese, oh yeah, good, Midwestern girl. You ought to love this sandwich.

We’Ve got bacon, wrap holy world cheese. There have been fights for who gets to take these home after the shows before my producer didn’t get his lunch today so well. I will share this. At least at least one of these is coming to you Rob now. I have been asked why we thought to do this and my answer is quite simply because we can because it’s heavenly but here’s the thing I just cooked bacon in my home on an indoor grill.

It doesn’t smell terrible, it isn’t smoking everywhere. Because, again I don’t have the smoke, I don’t have the odors, I don’t have the spatter. This made cooking bacon, one of the most pleasurable bacon experiences. I’Ve ever had I’d rather cook this on my Philip’s infrared grill. Then I would on my stovetop in a fry pan, because it’s not spattering it’s not making a mess.

It’S not stinking up my house and oh by the way we talked about the importance of even heating. That’S how you melt cheese with even heating. I don’t have spots that are congealed. I don’t have spots that are burned. It is even absolutely soaked a layer paninis if you love hot sandwiches.

Think about that and I love the idea that you can actually put oil on your vegetables. You don’t have to worry, because it has that tray. That’S gon na collect all the grease and the extra oil. It’S not gon na flare up yeah, you can spritz your vegetables or you can put on a fatty fish and not worry about any of that dripping down, because this tray is so easy to remove and to clean up, I mean cleanup is really a breeze and We’Re gon na talk about cleanup, so here’s the tray, remember I just cooked bacon, and you can see that I’ve got bacon fat layered all over the place. Here.

It’S not smoking. It’S not spitting it’s not causing any problems, because the actual tray is cool. Here’S 446 degrees and I’m not gon na, stick my hand down in there because it’s 446 degrees, but this is a metal tray that just came out of there. Cool touch Phillips has figured out how to keep the handles cool. How to keep the tray cool, which allows me to work with all pieces of this so easily and it allows me to not have the smoking yeah.

You did talk about cleanup yeah. We just pulled bacon off of here. I’Ll turn it down. So you don’t have to stare into my bright lights. Watch this non-stick.

Have you ever grabbed the best grill clean, my gosh? Have you ever grabbed the grate of your grill, while you finished cooking, literally still hot on every part, except where you’re using the handles and wipes clean? That is my cleanup. Every bit of that is not dick. Both sides, the cool touch tray, is nonstick again, I’m not rubbing.

We sell devices where you literally have motorized things to clean your grill grates. I don’t want to buy a device to clean my grill great. I don’t want to clean my grill Glade. I can wipe it off and oh by the way, if you really want to throw in the dishwasher, it is dishwasher safe. The other thing about grills, if you’ve ever taken one home out of the box and I’ll be the first to admit I make husbands.

Do things like this? I’Ve heard that it involves a lot of bad words, putting a girl together. Oh it’s, not a lot of pieces. Don’T even go there. Yes, yeah.

We had pieces left over from the grill. We assembled. I remember kept boys that stay for the burgers, because there’s a lot of screws on the ground. This you pop out of the box and you plug it in this – is everything easy that could ever be easy. I love the idea of these kabobs because we’re social things you know, let’s say we’re having a party we want to do pot.

We could do fruit kabobs, we could do veggie kabobs, we’ve done shrimp kabobs, but we can stand here and have the kabobs on and have our appetizers and just socializing and I’m not going to get hit in the face with spattering grease you’re, not uncomfortably hot, because We’Re standing by the grill and it’s it’s unique when you look at this and you see this red glow on the counter, your guests are gon na, be like what is that wait, a minute? What would you’re not grilling indoors? You say yes, I am thanks to Phillips, it’s a conversation piece and there’s only about 350 of these to go around, so we started with 400 we’re down to 350. It’S our only presentation of the entire day. We got our hands on as many as we could because it sold out the first time it came on air, but it’s really about the technology.

I mean this is what makes it so different infrared, so it seals in the flavor. You get that even heating. You get that tasty grilled food that you want year-round, constant tender juicy meat. I mean I couldn’t go out to the girl and and replicate the perfection that you’re gon na get in your steaks in your burgers and your salmon and your pork chops. Absolutely you are looking at that technology that shows the infrared heating that shows the circulation of the heat, and it shows that when the fat and grease drips down under that tray, it doesn’t smoke, and that is why it is okay to take this indoors.

You have everything you’ve ever gotten from your outdoor grill, but you could do it inside so we’re grilling wings. Okay, yes, you can wave your hand right over them. Here’S what I’m gon na do on purpose. So here’s my wing sauce and we’re just gon na completely sauce these guys here that the wings right now yeah and I’m pouring it all over the bottom. Actually on purpose, can you imagine if I did this on my outdoor grill, we have a legit fire.

I mean we really would so this just shows no matter what kind of sugary sauce your basting in, and I love to base my food. No matter what kind of bacon grease or ribeye fat is dripping down. Your smoke is absolutely minimal, so there’s no problem right. I’M doing this in the home, our camera does not capture hardly any smoke or fumes so yeah. This room, which is just incredible, think about doing this for yourself or your family.

Think about how many times you wish you had grilled food yeah when it’s ready their self. I can’t go outside it’s raining, it’s too cold or hey, even if you’re in the south, it could be too hot. No one wants to stand over a hot grill outside when it’s 80 or 90 degrees out now you can grill indoors 365 days a year. I love the idea of. Maybe you know starting getting the family together and I don’t know about you, but when you get my entire family together, my nieces, my nephews, no one wants the same thing: Oh dinner, right, you’re, a short-order cook, yeah, five, kids, yeah every day, you’ve got kids.

You know, but this is a great for you know getting the whole family together in you can second who wants hot dog? Who wants a hamburger exactly who wants the chicken nuggets or who wants the veggie burger? It doesn’t matter. You could put everything on the grill and you could still all eat at the same time, great point and you know what that’s actually what I’ve been doing during the week in my house, because, as you described, that’s how things work, and so someone wants a hot Dog you put it on. Someone wants a chicken breast, you put it on.

Someone just wants vegetables. You can put those on here’s. The thing have you ever ever ever in your whole life, all right, unless you’re camping I’ll give you a pass gotten up to do. Grilled food in the morning I mean I can barely get a bowl of cereal on the table, most mornings, much less a grilled meal. Again, this is just like running the grid.

I would almost try camping just to to experiences. You don’t have to go camping because I won’t try camping for anything, but you can get the grill marks. The Sears French toast hot off the grill gorgeous grill marks on my sausage. Again, we did the bacon right here on the grill and I have the most amazing breakfast. I mean what a treat when you have guests visiting this summer impress them pull out something that they’ve never seen before, because again this is new from Philips.

This is innovative technology. The only stores that you can walk into and walk out with this product are those high-end specialty stores, that’s it. This is not in this big box store that is not in every other store new. This is special. This is innovative and this is where cooking is going, and I love that Philips kind of got ahead of everybody.

That’S what HSN is all about. I mean this is what we do this event once a year mm-hm, so we’re gon na pull out all the stops. We’Re gon na meet you all the national brands, all the newest innovative products. The celebrity chefs there’s a fork here for a reason, so I’m gon na dive into the heaven for breakfast. I know what are you waiting for like I see, passed up steak and salmon, but it’s a little early, so the French toast, but this is such a great Buy.

In fact, it’s $ 100 off retail if you can go shop somewhere else, but expect to pay more. You also might not get it shipped for free we’re gon na make sure this is delivered right to your front door. You don’t have to wander around or try to figure out how to get it home. We also give you monthly payments, which you can’t find out there at retail either exactly, and you won’t find this price anywhere in retail, I’m so good. You, like grilled french, toast it kind of adds a new thrill to it crunch on the outside.

I know it gets me get to do every time, but you you just chew. You work. You have a moment, and I’m gon na talk about the other things that you could add, do loops. Also just created a burger press and I’ll be honest at first. I thought I don’t know I’m pretty good at making burgers.

Why would I need one of these? All right look how cool this is. So this is how you stuff your burgers. You put your meat in just a little bit to cover the bottom. Then you put whatever you want in the middle okay, I used blue cheese.

It’S gon na make shudder, but yeah. So it’s a good way to get the cheese in the burger on top of the burger or both you keep eating. So they take this little top guy and you go like this. It makes the most perfect circular burger and seals all the good stuff inside I mean you could put mushrooms in there. You could do anything, what a cool way to make custom burgers hey.

What would you like in your burger? What would you like on your burger? You know put some jalapeno in there give us all the rage right now. Those gourmet burger. Lastly – and you know what they charge for those I have been to restaurants and I eat there, where I have paid 12 to 15 bucks for a burger.

I mean seriously, you can make one I don’t go to, and I love burgers and I’ll pay that, but you can do it yourself, get yourself at home. Do it yourself a set of two? You can add that to your order – and I think the item number is at the bottom of your screen. Yes, it is that’s our burger to press. You could make the best stuffed burgers or just regular burgers.

If you just want that perfect classic restaurant style shake, it is a cool shape. I won’t talk about impressing your friends, whether you’re tailgating or whether you’re just grilling at home. I mean this is the beginning of the summer kickoff season, where we have Memorial Day right around the corner. You know think about graduations. Are you entertaining?

Are you having a graduation party in your backyard? I think about Father’s Day. It’S just around the corner. It’S that first week of June, you know dads are kind of hard to buy for so, if you’re thinking, you know what I’m gon na do this now gon na set it aside, this is gon na, be you know that great Father’s Day, gift dad loves to Grill, but he can’t do it 300 days a year good, now, you’re doing it every single day and you’re, making it so dad doesn’t have to grow. I wanted to show you something: you said how much you love burgers.

All right. I want to make you feel guilty, but if you cook burgers on the pan yeah yeah, this is what could come off of a burger. Yes, that’s that’s right. I like the fact that I’m grilling and not seeing this absorbing back into my food, but did you notice that I literally when I cut that burger, I leaned right over the grill and I did not have coated the flame which would have happened Blayne there there’s My flame and there are calls infrared no flame. Also.

I just grabbed this tray that just came out of the grill that cooked all those burning cool touch so cool that I can literally pick it up and grab like that. All that extra grease and oil and the drippings and this sauces, you know whether it’s fatty foods or fatty fish or thick steaks, or maybe it’s the the sauce that you see on the barbecue chicken wings that we just did cleanup weight into your food. That’S going into the tray which you can easily throw in the dishwasher, you could throw it in the dishwasher and look at that. That is hamburger, grease and juice, and I just took a wet towel and wiped it off. 334 laughs takes money.

I want to keep everyone updated, because this is not scheduled for any other airings. It’S so limited. They gave you for Stephanie, just one quick hit of this. Knowing it was going to be so popular, it’s the only way you can get indoor smokeless grilling with infrared technology at a price like this best price in the country Wow, you can fit a lot of hotdogs. Well that you were talking about parties – and I thought oh she’s gon na, like the hotdogs, because you know what you can we’ve got, you know 18 hotdogs, I believe, is the count that we landed at the last time that you can stack on the grill.

But these aren’t just hotdogs look at those great grill marks. You know they turn out amazing. My kids are hotdog kids and they know that mom doesn’t go run the grill. So now, when somebody wants a hot dog, we fire this out of the cabinet, stick it on the island and you can have the best hot dog ever and I didn’t have to heat up an entire grill. I didn’t have to trek in and outside and, as you said, if somebody wants a hot dog, you can have a hot dog.

If somebody wants a burger, you can have a burger, but for parties you certainly got the real estate here where you can entertain and you can entertain easily and it makes entertaining so much more fun for me, because I feel bad setting my husband out to the Grill, all by himself at the top – yes, it usually is in Florida and everybody’s inside you know enjoying the party or I’m sad. If the party has all gone outside and snuck inside, remember, you can take this anywhere. Take a tailgating. Take a glamping. Take it up to the lake house, because this is all there is, there’s no moving parts, there’s no funky assembly.

All you need is an outlet and you can grill on a spit. Go fantastic for, like a family reunion. You know you’re all getting together this summer. For Memorial Day or maybe you’re getting together for the fourth of July you’re, all gon na, be you know, sharing a condo or maybe going to be sharing a summer cottage by the lake or by the shore. You know everybody can enjoy breakfast their way, lunch their way dinner.

Their way. Think about all the days that you’re not grilling, because you don’t want or you can’t go outside I lived in New York City. You don’t even have a room for girl, there’s not gon na, be any outdoor grilling. So this is perfect. If you have an apartment, if you don’t have outdoor space, if you don’t have a deck or a patio or perhaps you’re just thinking, you know what there’s 300 days a year that I’m not going outside, see they’re too cold.

It’S too icy. How many times have you gone out to your grill and thought? I cannot wait to grill these burgers tonight and then oops you’re out of propane gas, and someone has to run to the gas station or run to that big store or maybe you’re really really hungry and you’ve got to wait an hour for those coals to heat Up this is the difference because it is loaded with features, including infrared technology. We are very busy. It’S one show only you’re getting the best price in the country.

Look at all these great features on the smokeless grill check that out. That’S the infrared technology. You’Ve got constant heat, so you don’t have those hot speeds. It’S super even juicy tender perfection when it comes to your burgers, your stakes, your fish, your veggies, your corn, on the cob any time of day any day of the year we have the best price. We have the monthly payments so we’re kind of like a bank, we kind of finance.

We finance those monthly payments for you, but they do expire at midnight. So it’s only one day if it even last the day at this incredible Buy, we even do free shipping. So I would love to hear from you if you’re, if you’re picking up on this, I want to know what your big occasion is, or you know what you’re most looking forward to about grilling in doors. I think you should be looking forward to char grilled salmon, because I got to tell you Sam it’s hard to cook outdoors, because it often sticks the nonstick part of the Philips. Grill really helps by the way I’m able to put a lemon right on there and now I’ve got that build up and wipe it, because I’ve made a pretty good mess with ribeye and salmon back to back we’re gon na wipe it right off.

But I want to show you this asparagus. Oh, my gosh crispy crunchy asparagus of that rack in your repertoire. That is a wonderful way to need asparagus and they’re fresh right now in those spring markets. So not great okay! So when you do these at an outdoor grill, 90 % of them fall in you know I mean the way these are spaced, Philips painstakingly figured out.

What do we need for vegetables and fruits and asparagus to have the spacing look great? This is such a quick weeknight dinner, but typically I am NOT firing up my charcoal or propane grill outside during the week very easy long. Does it take to heat up it heats up within minutes, okay to two minutes, I turn on the warm feature and then up and you get hungry. You turn it on okay, so here’s my cleaning, no motorized grill guy necessary. This is just a wet towel and you can see that I’m getting right off through it.

Oh my gosh, we have 300 left we’ll, let you know when it’s gone, because certainly tracking for an early sellout. This is what happened. The last time that we were here with the philips indoor, smokeless grill, yes, it’s everything that we say it is. You can read the rave reviews on our website at about it.

It’S not going to be available later today. It’S our only airing of the vent. We have the best price in the country. We’Ve got those flexpays, the free shipping, everything you need to get started so get ready. I’M gon na take a quick bite, cheese, bacon Stan.

I thought she’d like coming back with seasonings and more

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