Chicken Fry And Roast Recipes 45 – Chicken 65 Recipe With Philips Airfryer by VahChef

Chicken Fry And Roast Recipes 45 – Chicken 65 Recipe With Philips Airfryer by VahChef

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Hello, namaste, Salam alaykoum, Sastry Akal welcome to our very special cooking session with phillips, where each one of you can be super chef. The Indians love to eat snacks, specially fried foods, think about it, the samosas, the pakoras, the kachori, the chicken 65, you name it. We just love it now. You can enjoy all these amazing snacks guilt-free, because with technology you can use less than 80 % of the oil in frying all these foods. Let me introduce you to the model marvel of cooking where we are going to use air to fry, and the quality of food is just amazing.

I would say even better. Here is Philips airfryer and I am going to cook my favorite chicken 65 using Philips airfryer before I start showing you my favorite chicken 65. Let me quiz you: what is the difference between white meat and dark meat in a chicken? You can write your response in the comments and I will pick up few and you will be receiving my full set of cooking DVDs. So, let’s get into the cooking here so today I am going to use chicken breast to make this chicken 65 and make sure you cut the chicken into even sizes.

Now I have taken chicken breast meat. What is it white meat or dark meat keep guessing so for the chicken 65. I am going to take some turmeric a little bit of garam masala powder. When you are using airfryer the flavors. Everything are much better, so the amount of spices you use.

You can reduce little bit and still you can get awesome flavors in this we’re going to add some pepper powder, a little bit of coriander powder, and you know Kashmiri chilli powder. This gives the nice red color what you always prefer on chicken 65 to get this nice taste, you can add a little bit of vinegar but add very little now you’re going to mix all of these with the spices so that they coat well to the chicken. Now we’re going to add a little bit of salt and this salt is going to bring out a little bit moisture out and it will help the even coating of all this masalas. I want to give real punch of ginger-garlic to my chicken 65 instead of adding regular ginger-garlic paste, I’m going to use chopped ginger garlic, for which I am going to use the Phillip pro-mix you in this I’m going to add ginger and garlic and play with my This awesome tool now look at this wow. This is awesomely such fine chopping, and this will give a very nice coating for my chicken 65.

So look at this, however good chef, I am, I don’t think it’s humanly possible for me to chop it so perfect. Now I’m just going to mix this all over and I have this laughs. This is something amazing many times I talk about. Chicken has to be tender and juicy. Even when fried you can do that by brining the chicken, but if you don’t want to brine the chicken after marinating the chicken like this, you can keep it in the fridge for at least six seven hours and your chicken will be juicy.

Then you fry them talking about juicy chicken. You have to seal the chicken so that the juices remain inside. One way to do is you can add little bit of egg and coat it with flour so that the juices remain inside and the chicken is juicy. Let me make this chicken juicy by sealing it by 1tsp of egg white. That should be good enough.

First, you know I’m going to coat this with this egg white, even once this is coated. Well, all I am going to do is just add one teaspoon of rice, flour and 1 teaspoon of all-purpose flour. Ok, that should be good enough and I’m going to mix all of this and the chicken is ready to be fried with the air now. This is all ready to go into a fryer, but then you fry normally how much oil you are you going to use half a liter to fry this much chicken? Let’S see how much I am going to use just one teaspoon of oil, that’s it!

In fact. I could just use half a teaspoon and still the result will be super perfect. Now, let’s preach at 180 degree centigrade for five minutes now, once you preach they’re, going to remove the air fryer basket and let’s drop in all the pieces of chicken, you know the pieces of the chicken are dry, so you can top them one over another. It’S not a problem at all, but this should be good now. You know if you’re going to put the basket in and let’s cook them for around six minutes to eight minutes till they are slightly colored after around four minutes, and even you can pull it out.

Remove the basket and just toss them see what this one will do right now I am cooking a smaller quantity, but even if you put more than five grams of chicken in this, you can still get even coloring all through. That is what the goodness about air frying. Now all you need to do is just pause. The chicken put it back, put it inside and let it cook for another three minutes. So, in less than seven minutes you got perfect chicken 65 by using less than one teaspoon of oil.

Amazing! Isn’T it let’s see how it is going to taste? Can your wash of cooked chicken 65 without adding green chilies and curry leaves what we do? We fry the chicken then, when the chicken is almost done, we put in green chilies and curry leaves that’s what gives a nice flavor, because I love to pick green chilies and heat pull the basket out, not fully a little bit and I’m going to drop in My curry leaves and green chilies on top and goes in another two minutes. Now you can cook the chicken from 180 to 200 degree centigrade.

If the pieces are bigger, I prefer to cook it at 180 degree centigrade. If the chicken pieces are smaller, I prefer to cook it at 200 degrees centigrade for a shorter time. After putting the green, chilies and curry leaves, this is all done, but what I usually prefer is I’m going to let it rest for another minute. That’S when I’m going to pull out the basket, so it’s perfect. Now I am guaranteeing you.

The chicken is super perfect, but let’s check here, you’ve got the basket out. Okay, and here are the pieces of chicken look at them. The curry leaves my green chili off. Look at these pieces of chicken so perfectly cooked. You know my son is all excited and he’s that you become a smarter cook.

I’M, like I don’t like his common, but you know that’s what it is, and the green chilies also have a little bit of shine and you know just sprinkle a little bit of salt on the green chilies before you put into the fryer, so that your green Chilies are nice and tasty – hmm Wow, look at this. This is what a perfect chicken is. Let me just look at this this: how tender perfect and now no more guilt. You can enjoy any fried food guilt-free and they will come out super tasty and perfect. If I want to promote one product that would be Philips airfryer, because I want you all to be healthy and enjoy life this much this much, this much laughs, think about it.

I do not even need a tissue, because there is not a trace of oil. All this is possible with the Philips airfryer, but do not forget my question: what is the difference between white meat and dark meat in a chicken? Dear friends, I hope you enjoyed today’s recipe using Philips airfryer, very healthy, using little or no oil, but I want to know what are the recipes you want to prepare using the airfryer. Please let me know through your comments, so I can make the dish on the show using Philips. Airfryer till then see you, bye-bye cool office, innovation and you Phillips

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