Ninja Foodi Deluxe Pressure Cooker | FULL Review 2021!

Ninja Foodi Deluxe Pressure Cooker | FULL Review 2021!

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[Applause] welcome back to the average kitchen i got this for christmas i'm really pumped so let's unbox it run it through some tests and see how it works all right let's go cut the tape here okay so beautiful really nice cookbook all colored pages tons of recipes really really really nice so we're off to a really good start here tips some other books here and then we got one of the grills all right so this would be now i know about this piece of kit because i researched the crap out of it and i think that this is the best value for what you get it's a pressure cooker an air fryer a dehydrator a steamer all in one amazing can't wait to use it so this would be the pressure cooker lid so we'll put that off to the side we got a second grill here that obviously drops down inside of the airfryer pressure cooker steamer dehydrator so now this is the bat the big big boy here so i think the package shows that this weighs roughly 28 pounds which is i don't know 13 kilos maybe somewhere around there we'll open that up so that's the air frying lid we can see that here you can see all the nice mechanism inside [Music] so a lot of packaging but it's packaged very very well so i'm going to say that's the main bowl that's our kit so let's see how it works [Music] so it's been a couple weeks since i got this new piece of kit you guys know how much i love kitchen kit same shirt different hat same guy average kitchen we're gonna do a full review today on the ninja foodie this is the big boy this is the biggest one they make and what i'm gonna do today is about nine different tests i'm gonna do hard-boiled eggs i'm gonna do rice i'm gonna do carrots two ways pressure cooked and steamed then we're gonna flip over and start using the air fryer and we're gonna do three different types of fries frozen pre-made frozen fries hand-cut regular potatoes and hand-cut sweet potatoes and the last thing we're gonna do is do some chicken drums and see how they crisp up in this airfryer i can't wait let's get at it [Applause] because i've had this for a couple weeks i've had the opportunity to try a couple different things and i absolutely love it i must say we are not sponsored in any way buy ninja but i was in the market for one i did some research by watching some youtube videos so today i'm going to make my own this piece of kit is amazing it does a lot a ton of different things which i'm really excited about available on amazon again no plug just saying it's available on amazon another thing that's amazing about this is this unbelievable book that they send you so you can see here it's got all kinds of different recipes full instructional uh guidelines which is great but the nicest part at back or in the middle because the french version on the other side it gives you all your charts for your pressure cook your steam air crisp and dehydrate so what we're going to start with today is we're going to do some hard-boiled eggs so we're going to flick this open we're going to turn it on and we're going to pop out this this is more for doing wings or fries or whatever so we're going to put that aside for now because we don't need it another thing that's really cool about this is this dual layer rack i know that because we're going to do the eggs i only need the lower rack in this case so i'm going to pop this one off put it off to the side and basically going to just drop that in there like that so when i looked in my book hard-boiled eggs it's saying you could do one to 12 eggs at a time 125 mils or a half a cup of water and you put your pressure on high for four minutes that's it so let's give it a try so i got half a cup of water here i'm gonna dump into the uh the actual airfryer itself and i've got four eggs that i'm just gonna sort of set on our rack then we're gonna grab our pressure lid now if you've bought one of these don't be alarmed they didn't send you two lids it's a two lid system air fryer lid jamie i don't know if you can spin around you can see now it's got the elements on the fan that's for doing the air frying and this is the pressure lid we're just gonna put that on here or try to there we go stand by come on did that just happen so we're going to switch to pressure high then we're just going to click our time to four minutes vent should be i believe it's on seal and now we're just going to hit start okay so we're kind of live here right now well we're not really live but you know what i mean um i had said that i had used this run it through um some tests before self-admittedly i had only ever used the air fryer crisper part and it works amazing so it's first time using the pressure cooker so we're all on pins and needles here watching what's happening so full disclosure when i read the book and i saw that it showed that it would be four minutes to boil or to make do hard-boiled eggs my mind was blown but what i didn't realize is that it takes eight to ten minutes for the unit to build up pressure which again kind of makes sense what's cool about the technology of this uh ninja airfryer is the counter that we set for four minutes won't start counting down until the unit has reached the optimal pressure so that's what's happening so we've got roughly about two minutes and twenty seconds left here uh kono caught us again off guard the vent slash seal portion here which is set to seal started to spit out a bit of water but that's okay that's just some steam i guess it must be regulating its uh pressure so we're gonna wait till it counts down we're gonna flick it to vent to relieve the pressure and then we're gonna unlock it and take out our eggs okay so we're done you're gonna see what's kind of cool about this as well under the pressure cooker steam section so our timer is done but you'll see here now that it's switched to keep warm and then the counter starts counting up so it's telling you your pressure cook is done it's keeping it warm for you but it's also going to keep track of how long it's keeping it warm for you so you'll see it's going to continue to bump up so we're just going to flick this flick this is to vent [Music] um steam is hot so um let me grab a clock here we like to laugh and learn on the average kitchen here so let's throw on the glove here [Music] that's still really hot so pressure cookers can be dangerous so you can see how much pressure was built up here with half a cup of water for those eggs and the question you're probably saying at home is what did you think was gonna happen of course it's gonna be hot so now we're gonna open that lid i'm gonna put this off to the side here now because i have a glove on i'm gonna take our eggs out and put them in an ice bath and we're gonna let those sit and cool down before we try to peel them all right i did not need medical attention but that was pretty funny hopefully jamie can edit that to look even funnier than it was so now i'm going to try some carrots so i just peeled some carrots and put them into i don't know decent sized chunks i guess so i'm going to set those in on a rack so you'll see here that we're using the lower rack which is what they suggest for steaming vegetables again i'm going to put in or i just did sorry we'll put in half a cup of water and what i want to show you is a little again safety feature is we're going to turn this on and we're still on pressure cook here and if i close this lid and i hit start it's going to say other lid other lid kind of cool so we'll flick that back open we're going to grab our pressure lid here which is still a little bit hot hopefully i don't burn myself twice in one episode so we're going to put that on we're going to flick that to seal start a little counter and we'll get back to you and show you how long it took to build up the pressure on this uh cook only takes three minutes to pressure cook these i'm fine i'm totally fine only takes about three minutes to cook these according to the book it took four minutes and 38 seconds to build up the pressure so not too bad so total cook time we'll call it eight minutes maybe to do carrots which is pretty good so we're gonna let it run through its course i will safely release the pressure when this is done then we're going to try steaming carrots i don't know what the difference is between pressure cooked and steamed but we're going to find out this time i'm going to try it with a glove scares me every time i don't know why i got the angle on it now jamie so for factoring in all the time here it took about two minutes to relieve the pressure off this so i'm going to slowly open my lid and it's going to be the moment of truth here take those one carrot out throw these other ones in the bowl they definitely feel cooked give this a cut oh it's cut perfect or it's cooked perfect jamie can you try a piece for me please i don't think they're gonna be too hot let's see honestly really really really good like really good if you like your carrots or your veg a little bit more al dente cook it for a little bit less time but it's pretty perfect so i'm now going to try steaming carrots so i've got a bunch of carrots here that i cut up as well and i should mention from the last batch of carrots that i had just done no seasoning at all no butter no salt and pepper and i gotta say honestly the carrots turn out really really good so uh a full cup of water in this case so we're going to pour in we're going to put our lid back on but the big difference with this big difference this time is we're going to leave it on vent not on seal i'm going to turn on our ninja and we're going to flick it to steam we're going to hit the temperature or sorry we're going to hit the timer let me reference my book here 7 to 12 minutes so why don't we try 10.

It's on 10 i'm going to hit start again it's going to tree do whatever it does let me set another timer timer set let's see how long it takes so on the last carrots that we pressure cooked roughly 10 minutes from the time we turn it on to the time we open up the lid that's pretty quick but we'll see how the steamer is any different here i don't know if you can hear me actually you can hear me but this is venting pretty good it took five minutes and 30 seconds to get up to temperature not pressure because we had switched this to bent not sealed so after five minutes and 30 seconds that i timed on my phone our 10-minute countdown started to work its way down so you see it's only been cooking for a couple minutes so overall cook time for the steam versus the pressure cook will be slightly different i can't see how the taste is gonna be any different on the carrots and i have to admit jamie and i ate a bunch of these they're really really good in the pressure cooker so we'll see how they turn out in the steam but as on quick face value the pressure cooker seems to be the way to go because it's quicker but we'll see so we're done steaming you'll see again it's switched to keep warm it's starting to count up tells you warm on the display here now there is still some pressure coming out i don't think i can we'll see if we can yeah we'll be able to open this lid slowly they seem to be cooked equally as good as the last time hot but really good baby really good hot butt cup i can't say i can tell a difference to be honest with you between the pressure cook and the steam i'm not too sure what the advantage or what they say is the advantage to do one or the other maybe it's just your comfort level i don't know either way they both did a phenomenal job on these carrots now we're onto something different rice basmati i've got one cup of rice and one cup of water and we're gonna pressure cook this no racks so i'm gonna dump in my rice i'm gonna dump in my water now according to the book which again i can't talk or say enough good things about because that's a great book two minute cook 10 minute wait period so we're gonna put the pressure lid back on there's a little sweet spot here that i seem to struggle finding i'm going to flick my pressure cooker to seal i'm going to turn that on we're going to go back to pressure cook we're going to switch our time to two minutes and then we're gonna hit start so for fun let's set a timer and see how long it takes this time to get up to temp so the rice is done cooking now we're gonna let it count up for the 10 minutes but i wanted to show you another thing here on the back this is a little tray that's supposed to catch moisture and condensation and you can see it dead it did catch some so that's uh what that's for there i just wanted to show you that real quick so while this is counting up our 10 minutes we're only about a minute in i'm going to peel those eggs that we had um pressure cooked off the hop i can tell you that with my experience these are free-range eggs that i get from a friend of mine i can tell you that traditionally they can be more difficult to peel than store bought i don't know if it's because they're fresher i don't really have an explanation but hopefully these peel pretty well and we'll see how well cooked there ice bath definitely makes a big difference when it comes so these are peeling really nice so i'm happy about that so look at that so that was what did we say that was jamie two minutes i believe pressure cooked so let's cut into one and see how it looks so it's still a little a little bit soft a little bit in the middle but really not too bad and that's a pretty good size egg so i'll peel the other ones this one's a bit smaller so we'll see and they're definitely peeling easy which makes me happy so i'll cut this one very small yolk in that one but again a little like maybe 30 seconds longer i don't know i mean they're definitely still going to be great so i think this would be really advantageous if you want to make a big batch of pickled eggs and you were doing say a dozen at a time it's a really quick easy way to throw these in pressure cook them ice bath them and peel them i think that realistically if you on a sunday morning decided you wanted boiled eggs hard-boiled eggs for breakfast would you pull this out and hard-boil two eggs probably not so one thing i could tell you about using this pressure cooking steaming and we're gonna also do some air frying as well one thing i could tell you is that it's super portable it's not light it's about 20 pounds so what's that about eight kilos maybe so it's not light that you're gonna throw in a backpack but it's definitely portable i mean if you were a student and you were living in a small dorm or you had a bachelor type apartment this can really do everything i mean we're only going to show you some of what it can do but it's endless i mean they say you can bake in this which i haven't tried yet but maybe i'll do that on a future episode so it's super versatile it replaces a lot of other pieces of kitchen equipment that you may have i really i really really like it all right so again like maybe 30 seconds longer those would be absolutely perfect but they look really good so our timer is uh four and a half minutes on our rice so we'll wait that out to the ten minute mark we'll open it up and uh we'll see how our rice pair did so we're at our 10 minute mark just a little bit over here i'm going to relieve the pressure again nowhere near as much as before uh i'm only assuming that it's because we let it sit for 10 and a half minutes because the book says and i'll read it verbatim what it says so it says release natural 10 minutes then quick so i'm assuming what they mean by then quick is just to do that i'm going to just give that a open here now so grab a spoon here jamie and actually looks really nice now plain white rice isn't like my favorite thing to eat just on its own but i'm gonna try it i think it's basically cooked perfect so we're into the air frying section of this video which i feel a little bit more comfortable comfortable with because i've done a few test runs so far so what they suggest which i read in the book is that you should preheat your airfryer much like you were would your kitchen oven or stove so basically you're just gonna now we're got rid of the pressure lid we're just gonna go with the airfryer lid here so we're just gonna turn it on we're gonna switch our dial to block out here to airfry i'm gonna set our timer to say 50 minutes because we're gonna do massive drummies and i did some already and they took 45 minutes so you can see not very quiet sorry you can see it's not very loud it's very quiet um so while that's heating up we'll do the prep on our drumming so you can see here these are monsters they're probably twice or three times the size of a normal chicken drum that you would normally get so that's why i'm going to cook them longer in the book i think they suggest like 25 to 28 minutes for chicken drumsticks but i could tell you they won't be done in that time they're way too massive first i'm going to do even though we're going to oil up our chicken i am going to give this double rack a bit of a spray here as well and then i'm going to pour in i've got two tablespoons of canola oil but i really think any kind of oil will work so basically we'll just drizzle that over the chicken and that really helps crisp up your skin and give you a really nice color and texture so we'll just move those around here a little bit so they give you the option so this is the kind of air fryer pot that would go inside of the main pot now you could put chicken wings or fries or anything like that in this pot and i did do small wings once last week in these in this and it worked great but because these drums are so massive i'm actually going to use the double rack that they provide here and i'm just going to lay those out there like look at the size of that thing she's a monster there so we'll give that a couple more minutes to heat up and then we're going to take this whole rack and put it right inside it's been warming up for about four minutes which is perfectly fine so we're just going to flick that open just like that and we're going to grab our racks and we're just going to drop them in like so close the lid so i'll probably around the 20 minute mark i'll give them a check what they say is that you can open this lid over and over again if you want it takes uh whatever 30 40 seconds to get back up to where it was i'm not going to keep opening and close it but we will check on it maybe around the 20 minute mark see you then 20 minutes later so i look at the timer here we're just over 20 or sorry just under 20 minutes left so let's have a peek so basically all you have to do is just flick that lid open now those are already looking really really good you can see the skins pulling away from the bone here which tells me that they're starting to cook really well of course the meatier part here i wouldn't trust that the chicken's totally done so we'll just close that lid it fires back up and we'll let the timer run down for the last 19 minutes and then we'll pull them out and see how they look [Music] all right it's chicken drumming time so it just shut off on its own it sort of resets it does not i'll mention it does not jump to the keep warm section that's only uh for pressure cooking slow cooking that type of stuff not on the air fryer fire that lid open there you can probably hear how crispy everything is so i'm gonna pull that out i'm just gonna set that on there like that okay hold on so even with spraying those racks there's a little bit of stickage here not too bad so just bring come have a look so there is some oil here mostly just a little bit of the chicken fat that came off and a little bit of the um residual chunks of whatever that's coming off the chicken as it cooks but as a general rule this is a million times better than deep frying chicken i mean like you saw i put two tablespoons of oil anything that drips off drips right down onto the bottom so super healthy as far as chicken goes if you're if you're a big fan of fried chicken versus um air fried so i think you're going to like that the other thing i want to mention as well considerably cheaper on hydroelectricity to run this small airfryer versus firing on your huge stove for an hour or whatever so i want to make that point as well as you can tell i love this product i think it's amazing we're going to continue on and do some other stuff here but i'm a big fan all right so we just started eating one here so i'll grab this other one so you can see super crispy so when i rip that apart chicken is cooked beautifully through nice and crispy and you can either throw these in a bowl toss them in your favorite uh sauce or just do what i'm doing here put a couple on a plate dip it like really good really good i just wanted to show i'm just going to take some paper towel here and i'm just going to quickly give this a quick wipe you can see how easily that sort of mops up i'm going to throw that out and you can see that pretty quickly everything cleans up so i'm going to do some frozen all-white meat chicken tenders i'm going to give that a close here turn it on make sure i'm set to airfry which i am 390.

I'm going to hit that just going to give this a bit of a spray and then we're just going to stack our chicken tenders on our racks here so according to the book it says that you can cook you cook these for roughly 11 to 13 minutes so i think i'm gonna go on the longer side everybody likes them crispy so we're gonna do 13 minutes so i'll give this a few more minutes to kind of warm up even though it's been kind of running already for a while because we've been doing all these tests but i'll give it a couple more minutes to warm up and we'll drop that rack in there and we'll see how these turn out the other thing i wanted to show you was while this is heating up at any point if you want to change your time so you'll see here it's at 13 minutes and 40 seconds you just hit the timer button bring it back up to say 15 minutes hit the center button and that'll reset your timer so i'm going to open up my lid and drop my racks in with my chicken tenders like so close that lid go to my timer set it for 13 minutes we'll see how they turn out chicken tenders are done i did add three minutes so what did i start it with 14 13.

So 16 minutes total there they are so as they cool they'll probably crisp up a little bit more too as they start to dry out no sticking which is nice i should say in case i didn't these are frozen pre-cooked chicken tenders so it's not raw chicken obviously to me those look pretty awesome so i just pieced out some couple chunks here for my kids lunches for tomorrow and now i'm gonna try one of these a little bit of plum sauce hopefully not gonna burn my face off oh yeah chicken candy [Music] as you can see the potatoes have been cut and dried so i'm going to add roughly two and a half tablespoons of oil that's it for all those fries i'm going to give them a stir here with my hands as you can hear or probably see that the ninja is warming up again preheating like they had suggested all we're going to do now is open up this we're going to drop in our fryer basket which we haven't used yet i'm gonna drop that in here and then i'm just gonna slowly dump in my fries that are oiled and then i'm gonna close that and i'm gonna set it for 35 minutes [Music] just under 5 minutes to go here we're gonna flip this open have a look oh yeah those are starting to look good we're gonna give this a little shake so i would say i'd say those are done what do you think okay let's close it give it another minute and then we'll dump them out onto a paper towel on a plate and we'll see how they taste so let's pop this out give it a little pour it'll certainly look nice jamie so i'm going to we're on a bit of a fry segment now i'm going to try fries three different ways you saw me do the hand cut regular whatever they call them potatoes yukon gold rustled potatoes whatever now i'm gonna do sweet potatoes or yams as i think our american neighbors call them and then we're just going to do like a store-bought frozen fry so i'm going to close this back up and let this continue to kind of stay warm we're going to salt these and then we're going to switch over and do some sweet potato fries maybe could have went another minute but there's that fine line between cooking the potato right out of it and they're so crispy to them being obviously soft so they're not going to snap in half but you can see there's still a lot of potato left but the ends are definitely super crispy it's kind of personal preference on how you like your fries these taste amazing maybe another minute would have been perfect so now we got sweet potatoes here cut with the same cutter that we did the other fries with so they'll be consistently the same size toss in two tablespoons of oil i'm really curious to see how this is gonna work because i don't know about you guys out there i've never had a crispy sweet potato fry or anything even close to it i don't even know it's possible but we're going to find out so i'm going to flick that open then i'm going to dump those in okay flick that lift coat close for any please then we're going to set that for 35-36 minutes and see how they look so 22 minutes into these i had a look look a little on the charred side they're definitely not like super crispy but i don't know if it's just from the oil on them i don't know but again live and learn sweet potato fries i've never ever seen them ever crispy before even at a restaurant where they deep fry them or whatever i'm not sure why you get the color we did on them but they're certainly going to try them out and see how they taste okay so not crispy but we catch up here they're just okay so just a crinkle crust crink crinkle cut frozen fry i'm gonna throw those in [Music] that should be good enough to run a test i'm gonna close that they suggest actually on frozen fries to reduce your uh temperature so what i'm going to do here is go to temp there down to 360.

And then we're going to set those timer wise for say 22 minutes and let's see how that turns out frozen fries just finished on this ninja i have to look at this here ninja nine in one foodie deluxe xl pressure cooker air fryer i want to get that specific name in i was monitoring these as they went and i dropped it down i think i cooked them for a total of 16 minutes and they look absolutely spectacular i'm not sure if it makes a difference that this airfryer has been running non-stop and doing all these tests so it was well preheated presumably it shouldn't make a difference but it may i'm not sure i'm just gonna hit these with a little bit of salt here they certainly have great color they look really really nice let's grab this one's obviously quite cooked okay so there is some crispiness to it there's still definitely some potato left in it but it's not so cooked so they're really good i wouldn't take them over hand cut fries but in a pinch frozen fries you know you just get home from work throw them in for the kids or for yourself or whatever 16 minutes it's probably about half the cook time as you'd have in your oven no oil whatsoever on these ones they just threw them in right from frozen and cook them that way for somebody who's busy on the go and wanted a quick snack or wanted to add something to a meal or whatever so it's pretty good so that's all the cooking i'm gonna do on this nine different things i believe that we ran it through nine different sort of tests if you will overall really impressed with this really really impressed i'm super happy we got it i think it's going to be great uh for cooking on the home front and the possibilities are endless baking i mean i don't know how that works yet because i haven't researched it i think you need to buy some accessories to bake in it i'm not sure but again endless slow cooker air fryer dehydrator which again i haven't tried yet it's i think roughly between eight to ten hours to dehydrate fruit but should be great but i want to show you one thing here as well so we just did back to back to back fries so we did the regular fries sweet potato fries and the frozen fries and i never cleaned this in between the three fries so you'll see see this is virtually clean i mean obviously you gotta wash it but if you look in the bottom here pretty minimal amount of residue left over the other thing i want to talk about storage this is a big enough unit however everything goes inside of it with the exception of the pressure cooker lid so it definitely does is going to take some space in your kitchen but it can really replace a lot of other things you don't necessarily need a slow cooker now you don't necessarily need um a stand-alone pressure cooker it just does so many different things so overall super happy with it hope you enjoyed the video let us know your comments did you buy it are you thinking about buying are you doing research i'd love to hear from you we always try to get back to everybody who leaves us a comment so thanks so much hit the subscribe button hit the notification bell and check out some of our other some of our other videos we'll see on the next one