Ninja Foodi Max 9-in-1 Multi-cooker 7.5L | Unboxing

Ninja Foodi Max 9-in-1 Multi-cooker 7.5L | Unboxing

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Assalamualaikum Foodies! Today's video is 
very interesting because I am unboxing   my new kitchen companion Ninja Foodie. I was 
so longing to have it and now when I get it   I am bit excited. So I will tell you its 
features and what it can do let's find out… Its actually a 7.5 liters multi cooker which 
can do many things for you and quite quickly It can cook a whole chicken in under an 
hour, you can cook meals and sides together,   you can also do one pot meals, it 
can dehydrate fruits, it can grill,   it can bake and roast, and it can 
air crisp fries without any oil.

It can pressure cook meat, grains, beans and at 
the same time it can slow cook .You can also   do steaming in it and searing and saute and you 
can make yogurt in it too. It has two tier racks   so that you can add maximum food in it and then 
it has a tender crisp technology in which you   first pressure cook and then you can air fry it 
to make it more golden and crispy from the outside. So basically it's a pressure cooker and air fry 
together.. it's quite interesting.. so let's open it …  this is booklet it has all the instructions this is that rack and here is the body wow awesome! let's open these racks this is the first rack and this is the second one. Good quality 
stainless steel and is dishwasher safe as well.   It will be used in grilling and you can 
also use them in tender crisp feature   like you steam the chicken or meat first 
and then you can crisp them on these racks .  I also like that they come in two steps so that 
you can do large quantities in just one go  this is the pressure lid whenever you have to do pressure cook things 
like meat, grains or lentils or anything like that   then you have to put this lid on.

This looks also 
quite sturdy and at the same time quite heavy too   this is the body It has this air crisp basket in it which is also quite big and you can also 
easily wash it as it has no mesh like air fryer and this is the cooking pot.. it's quite big yes, it has 7.5 liters capacity.. 24 cups   which is quite a lot if you love to cook big 
meals but if you are a small family then you   can opt for a small foodie. This is the base 
heating element and this is the aircrisp lid   this is the instructions booklet and before 
start cooking you have to go through these This is for lid, this is the recipe book 
and it has good cooking charts as well. This is foodies instructions, all do's and don'ts 
in there and it has lots of recipes and these   charts also..

Instruction charts. Nice! So these are 
all components you can use both sides of this rack   and this crisp basket will be attached on this 
diffuser this will help in actually circulating   the airflow. This is the cooking pot which has all 
the measurements engraved on it which is quite a   good thing and another thing which I love about 
this that it's nonstick coating this makes washing   less messy and so easy. This is the pressure 
lid on which pressure valve is already attached   and this side will be attached to the 
base of the cooker here which is also   not too difficult. This is the base heating element 
I told you before and this is the crisping lid   when you have to use an airfry feature then 
you will use this lid. My only concern is the   cleaning of thi. It is not removable so I think 
you have to open once in a while to clean it.   These two cookbooks I bought separately and after 
trying I will bring best recipe videos for you.   Let's now turn it on and let's see how the control 
panel looks like.

It's foodie written on it !  and these are all functions.. There are just 
only three things; temperature, function and   time. You just have to select temperature, 
then function and then time and tada! You're done! Now I can't wait to try something in it.. First I tried some fries for 10 minutes and 
before 10 minutes I checked and they were   perfectly cooked in nine minutes. They 
were crispy but tender from the inside   yeah can you hear the sound ..crisp sound   it's amazing! It was the first look and 
first cook and I am pretty amazed with it see tenderness of the fries absolutely delicious   next I tried some popcorns without 
oil and they also turned out amazing   and some pasta..

It was the first time and in book 
it was written that it will take only a minute   of pressure and I was thinking that how can 
pasta be ready in a minute but to my surprise   it turned out perfect. Not too soft and sticky but 
at the same time very juicy and delicious.. amazing! Here are some steaks, they are also perfectly done   Next I tried its combo feature and I cooked chicken 
and rice together. I put chicken on the top   and rice at the bottom and to my surprise 
they both cooked at the same time perfectly! see what a beautiful color on 
the chicken and look at the rice   they not only look perfect but they have 
a wonderful aroma and taste of the chicken   and finally no meal is complete without dessert 
so here is egg pudding isn't it amazing! So if you   want to do some multitasking in the kitchen and 
you just set a timer and go for other house chores   or go for a walk or exercise then this buddy is for 
you! It will cook perfect meals for you plus you   can cook a variety of things in it and I'm also 
gonna bring many recipes in future..

so stay tuned! Lemme tell you, it's not a promotional video 
I purchased it online and totally love it and   if you want to buy it too I have added some 
links in the description box.. do check them out. So that's all for today, do give me your 
feedback and tell me in the comments do   you like it or not and yes don't forget to 
subscribe! … Till next time, take care, bye bye.