The Perfect POPEYE’S CHICKEN AIR FRYER  – Copycat recipe

The Perfect POPEYE’S CHICKEN AIR FRYER – Copycat recipe

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you can hate wine cry complain all you crave but when it comes down to my air fried chicken patty you ever suspect my breath fried chicken game right on the mouth there mmm through to life such a beautiful thing don’t you think you guys are doing this material don’t forget to like this content now too click on the belt come on be a part of the notification dang I hear this guy’s been imploring Popeye’s fried chicken and I’m just I merely don’t want to go out and get onto chaps so we’re gonna make it at home healthful wording what kind of healthy style airfryer style with a lot of oil appearance you how easy it is to attain the best popeyes chicken airfryer style ah that’s because my airfryer don’t fit that much I’ve only got four pieces of drumsticks now for this marinade we got half a beaker of Louisiana hot knowing now I’m gonna do a beaker Copple south Louisiana Hot Sauce half tablespoon salt little teaspoon of garlic powder jettison a teaspoon of white pepper get a pilot ears I’m gonna do simply a pinch of cumin like a light-footed pinch that’s it I’m gonna do a light-footed pinch of dried thyme exactly a nice little light one like this I’m gonna crush it in and a sun tinge of cool basil oh yeah and a light tinge of oregano precisely a light one game but when I say light-footed I mean like this not even a one-fourth teaspoon just like teaspoon black pepper you know spoon of sizzling chili gunpowder what I’m gonna go to lastly teaspoons and then salt and then 1/2 tablespoon of paprika here and lastly 3 tablespoon of lubricant or four you ever see rubbish in every single crafting I’m gonna let this marinate for about 5 hours minimum all right but all that seems been soaking in less or overnight overnight will be better overnight will be more ideal all right all right 5 hours in this is what we’re gonna do we’re gonna make our chicken yes construe what just did there I took up the excess sauce or the marinade okay you crave a delightful reduce bed after five hours or one day marinade people it will drench it all right I predict you take out pretty much a scrape off the excess of it pick up a grow here half a teaspoon don’t half a teaspoon half a tablespoon of salt it don’t blink on this process okay you’re gonna make some tongs into our flour merely a delightful reel chaps no pack anything just a neat daybreak dust in a light one awfully unusually it’s okay like bus of flour and don’t pack it in nice lightly coated airfryer go push it in we got this at 150 I’m gonna say 25 to 30 hours day check on it maybe 10 minutes 10 hours in that’s what I’m gonna do give them a delightful flip-flop I merely looked at it guys I feel like it needs an extra 10 hours so 35 minutes all day all right gazing beautiful coldnes right 35 hours in I don’t think you’re ready for this do that be understood that that purity the cross is light it’s crispy and I’ve been working on it and I couldn’t believe how easy this was just merely a light-footed coat it and roast it or air fry it if you guys crust don’t look like this after 35 minutes I want to tell you guys just because all machines are different you guys gotta cook it a little longer maybe five five eight more times if it look like this we have the same energy airfryer seeming beautiful I’m gonna tell this sit for a bit don’t worry about the black tinges the pitch-black spots are I think it’s the blood the blood that bakes up because these chicken or this chicken was frozen beforehand but I’m gonna let this cool down before we get onto to it all right look my penalize you can hate wine cry complain all you require but when it comes down to my aura fried chicken patty you retrospect my aura fried chicken sport that’s a quirk my take on Popeye’s fried chicken with the airfryer okay I want to say it’s a working process this is a little it’s not burden people it’s the blood that got kind of clotted up here but I will get it down the colouring and everything alright this is the process of attaining it all right my toast once again it good top right is there might be no crunch to this I know the flavor is there Super Bowl for this oh the flavor is definitely there the crunch is definitely not there mm-hmm I should let this cool down a bit more hmm no you got your fresh and sizzling spice shrewd savory perfectly yummy crunch wise definitely a zero ogle smart I want to say it will get there I predict you like I said this is not Burt this chicken was frozen and it kind of simply spewed out like the blood only lighted out and kind of has it like this dry burnt look guys another gnaw of this soup rabble right on the mouth there it kinda has a accommodate visualize mm-hmm you know what how’s that original key of C texture to this without the grease which I’m kind of liking tomorrow we’re gonna do a KFC version of this definitely has that KFC crust to this it’s like there’s like some crunch it crunch of it it’s delicious I can’t even deplore okay I’ll peel the skin Oh yeah it’s like a KFC skin texture wise batter wise but without the ponderous grease mmm spicy flavorful yummy that’s all the shocking KFC airfryer I’m coming for you tomorrow okay so close to my momma tomorrow teenagers he’s gonna perceive better it’s gotta taste precisely I can see tomorrow that’s it people hope you guys enjoy song don’t forget to subscribe the other peace out