Air Fryer Is Just A Convection Oven

Air Fryer Is Just A Convection Oven

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Coming up with the right choice for you simply boils down to your particular needs. The quick answer is an air fryer is a simply a smaller convection oven with a catchy name.

Fyi There Are Major Differences Between Air Fryers And Convection Ovens

The countertop size allows air fryers and convection toaster ovens to heat quickly.

Air fryer is just a convection oven. There are certain dishes like specific desserts which come out better in an air fryer than a convection oven because of the higher temperatures. With actual deep frying your food is directly immersed in hot oil. Different from regular baking convection baking uses an interior fan that blows heat directly onto the food which results in a crispier final product.

An air fryer is basically a small countertop convection oven that uses high powered fans to circulate heat. That s how air fryers make restaurant caliber fries minus the vat of bubbling oil. So to wrap it up a convection oven can in principle be used as an air fryer.

Air fryers are countertop appliances while convection settings are built into full sized ovens and toaster ovens. There is no actual frying going on inside an air fryer that s because an air fryer cooks food via convection baking. Air fryers can reach much higher temperatures in comparison to convection ovens.

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