Can I Use Oat Milk In Mashed Potatoes

Can I Use Oat Milk In Mashed Potatoes

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Transfer the potatoes to a large mixing bowl and mash them using either a potato masher. This is another reason that mashed potatoes are a great recipe to make.

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Bring it to a simmer but do not boil.

Can i use oat milk in mashed potatoes. Mash the potatoes with a potato masher until smooth and fluffy. Taste and adjust seasonings if needed. In a large pot combine all ingredients except for the oat milk.

Next add enough oat milk to cover the tops of the potatoes. If the pot threatens to boil over reduce the heat. Oat milk is much more neutral in its taste and therefore perfect for this and many other recipes.

Nut milk is also an option but it adds a slightly nutty flavor to your potatoes. To the steaming how potatoes add oat milk plant butter mayo nutritional yeast garlic powder and season with salt to taste. Add vegan butter roasted garlic oat milk leftover 1 2 tsp salt and black pepper and stir to combine.

If you run out of milk it happens just use a little water until the tops of the potatoes are submerged. Can you reheat mashed potatoes. Once tender drain and strain your potatoes to make sure they re completely dry.

I personally love to use oat milk and vegan butter for this recipe. Cook on medium high heat until potatoes are fork tender about 20 25 minutes. Drain the cooked potatoes and return them to the pot.

But it works well too if you are using soy milk and margarine. Thoroughly mash the potatoes with an old fashioned potato masher or ricer. Cook covered until potatoes are fork tender about 10 to 12 minutes.

Pour the milk beverage into a small saucepan over low heat. Drain the water from the potatoes.

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