Oatmeal With Powdered Milk Calories

Plus for the volume that you get with oats the calories are relatively low coming in at only 150 calories for cup dry oats which expands when cooked to yield 1 cup. Other user submitted calorie info matching.

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Oatmeal with milk oatmeal w milk splenda brown walnuts 1 2c dry 1 serving calories.

Oatmeal with powdered milk calories. But even though it s made with whole grain oats oatmeal is pretty carb heavy. On its own oatmeal is relatively low calorie high in fiber and high in protein. Preparing oatmeal with water delivers zero additional calories but make it with whole milk and you ve just swirled in 150 extra calories albeit nutritional ones calorically dense add ins like brown sugar maple syrup agave butter dried fruit nuts and seeds can also contribute calories.

Cereal oatmeal 102 5 g. Weigh dry before cooking. Oatmeal vitamins and minerals.

A serving of cup dry oatmeal made with water sets you back 150 calories 3 grams of fat 27 grams of carbs 4 grams of fiber 1 gram of sugar and 5 grams of protein.

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