Oat Milk Recipe Blender

Oat Milk Recipe Blender

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In a blender blend together all ingredients on high until well combined 30 seconds to 1 minute. Simply combine the oats with water sweetener and salt then blend.

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Then strain through a clean t shirt or towel for best results.

Oat milk recipe blender. Separation in dairy free milk is natural. Pour into a milk bottle and allow to chill for at least 2 hours before drinking. 1 cup of rolled oats steel cut oats or oat groats.

Unlike homemade nut milk oats do not need to be soaked prior to blending. If you are using rolled oats soak them for about 10 minutes. If using vitamix blend on high for 10 to 12 seconds only strain mixture through a fine mesh.

I like to use a high speed blender to get this done in minutes but you can also do this with a food processor or immersion blender though the blending time might vary. Oat milk in a high speed blender. Fine mesh strainers also let too much pulp through so we don t recommend using them.

You can make your own oat milk with old fashioned oats rolled oats or steel cut oats. When using the high speed blender i blend the oats for 50 seconds to 1 minute. We found nut milk bags let too much pulp through.

Add the oats water dates vanilla and salt to a high speed blender and blend for 15 30 seconds until smooth. If you want a smoother texture strain the oat milk mixture two or three times. The leftover pulp can be used in smoothies to add extra fiber.

How to make oat milk. Quick oats or instant oatmeal are so fine that blending them further results in milk with a slime like consistency. Simply give it a stir or shake before serving.

To make oat milk using steel cut oats soak and strain the night before to make them easier to blend. This oat milk recipe is very quick and easy to make. For detailed measurements and instructions see the printable recipe card.

Here is a recipe you can use to make oat milk if you have a blender at home. Strain through a nut milk bag or a cheesecloth. To make oat milk simply add 1 cup rolled oats 4 cups water to a high speed blender and blend on high for 30 45 seconds.

Optional add ins such as a date a pinch of salt and some vanilla. In the case of steel cut oats soak them for about 30 minutes. A sieve or nut milk bag i only use a sieve a blender.

Here is what you need. The quickest and easiest way to make oat milk is in a blender.

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