Oat Milk Caramel Apple Crumble Ice Cream

Oat Milk Caramel Apple Crumble Ice Cream

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Colorado based vegan dessert brand so delicious has launched a new range of oat milk based ice cream. Reader we re officially entering the summer of oat milk ice cream.

So Delicious Oat Milk Caramel Apple Crumble Frozen Dessert 16oz Target Caramel Apple Crumble Apple Crumble Frozen Desserts

Peanut butter and raspberry.

Oat milk caramel apple crumble ice cream. Apples caramel oatmeal spices plus it comes on a stick. Caramel apple crumble oatmilk frozen dessert. Sprinkle the crumble topping evenly over the top.

Remove from the oven and let cool for 10 15 minutes. These flavors also have between 8 10g of saturated fat and 20 25g of sugar per serving so they should certainly be considered an occasional indulgence instead of a vegan. In particular he has spent his entire life drinking either water or.

While it s far from the first dairy free option available jeni s splendid has pints made with a coconut cream base. So delicious which also produces vegan milk and creamer announced its new oaty frozen desserts in a post on its instagram account. Oatmilk filtered water whole oat flour organic cane sugar organic tapioca syrup organic coconut oil apples brown sugar rice flour salt pea protein corn starch vegetable oil palm canola cane sugar guar gum natural flavor tapioca dextrin citric acid locust bean gum organic molasses organic cocoa butter cinnamon.

Each serving 2 3 cup ranges between 230 250 calories. For context my son loves oat milk. Ice cream crumble caramel apple.

Peanut butter and raspberry oatmeal cookie and caramel apple crumble are the new flavors available in the range which expands on the brand s current cashew soya and coconut based ice cream offerings. The frozen desserts come in three flavors. Crafted with smooth creamy oatmilk and blended with thoughtfully chosen flavor every spoonful is taste bud approved.

This to me is the essence of fall in one singular snack. Got a glut of apples left from the fall and want a fancy way to serve them up. Oh and did we mention it s gluten free.

Apple cinnamon and brown sugar combined with a caramel swirl in creamy oatmilk frozen dessert. Buy the so delicious oat milk caramel apple crumble frozen dessert for 5 99 at target. Bake the crumble for about 45 minutes or until the topping is golden brown and the juices are bubbling.

Meet your spoon s new best friend. Peanut butter and raspberry oatmeal cookie and caramel apple crumble. Apple cinnamon and brown sugar combine with a caramel swirl in creamy oatmilk frozen dessert.

My son was very excited to try these. Like the oat milk ice cream they also remain relatively soft. The height of gastronomic technology.

Serve the crumble warm with vanilla ice cream and a drizzle of baileys apple pie. Chewy oatmeal cookie dough with sweet brown sugar and a hint of cinnamon blended in smooth oatmilk frozen dessert. Your taste buds will live apple y ever after.

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