Air Fryer Recipes For Salmon Patties

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Thoroughly mix remaining ingredients into the salmon. Homemade air fryer salmon patties.

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Mix everything together from the salmon cake ingredients and form into 10 small patties about 2 in diameter.

Air fryer recipes for salmon patties. Step by step directions. I actually like the bones. Air fryer salmon patties are the classic version of salmon patties that are cooked in an air fryer for a healthy version with no cooking oil.

They re easy to remove. Mix ingredients together in a large bowl use a spatula to mix together the salmon drained mashed and skin bones removed if you d like eggs mayo salt breadcrumbs lemon zest and dill measure out patties using a 1 2 cup measuring cup firmly pack the mixture into the cup then tap it out into the palm of. Look for canned or jarred salmon that has less than 50 milligrams of sodium per serving and don t be afraid of varieties that have bones.

Use two forks to flake the salmon. Step 4 place lemon slices into the bottom of the air fryer basket and place salmon patties on top. Remove bones and skin from the salmon then drain.

Adding your cooked or canned salmon to a large bowl. Today i made one of my family s favorite air fryer recipes. How to make salmon patties in the air fryer preheat air fryer to 360 f 180 c mince your fresh salmon or open salmon drain and remove bones you can leave in if you prefer.

Varies prep time. Cut lemon into 4 slices. They are a simple dish to make and the best thing is most of the items come from the pantry.

These air fried salmon patties are reminiscent of classic salmon croquettes crispy on the outside and pillowy tender on the inside. Add salt pepper paprika eggs almond flour chopped parsley diced onion minced garlic and mustard. So it s a great meal to have on hand.

10 min cook time. Set the temperature for 370 degrees f. To make salmon patties in the air fryer start off by.

Scroll to the recipe card for ingredient quantities. Pre heat air fryer for about 3 minutes at 400 spay or brush both sides of salmon cakes with oil. Place them in the air fryer.

Air fry for 10 minutes flipping halfway through cooking time. Add all ingredients including the sea salt to a bowl and combine. Preheat air fryer to 350 degrees f 175 degrees c.

Put them into the pre heated air fryer for 8 minutes flip and cook an additional 6 minutes. When i was growing up my mom made salmon patties at least once a month. This is a great way to get a healthy seafood dinner for your family within minutes.


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Air Fryer Recipes For Salmon

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In a small bowl whisk together oil mustard sugar garlic and thyme. Set air fryer to 400 and cook for 10 minutes.

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Rub each fillet with olive oil and season with garlic powder paprika salt and pepper.

Air fryer recipes for salmon. The presence of maple syrup and brown sugar gives the salmon a hint of sweetness while the seasoning enhances its flavor. Lightly spray basket with nonstick cooking spray or olive oil spray. A sweet and spicy seasoning mix made with steak seasoning brown sugar coriander cumin and cayenne tops salmon fillets which are air fried for a quick and.

In a small bowl mix the brown sugar chili powder paprika italian seasoning and garlic powder. Spicy air fryer salmon view recipe this link opens in a new tab. Bake at 400 degrees for 10 min.

Preheat the air fryer to 400 f. Place the salmon in the air fryer and air fry for 7 9 minutes depending on this thickness of the salmon. Please note time may vary between air fryers.

Place salmon onto the parchment skin side down. Sprinkle seasoning on the non skin side of the filets. Arrange salmon in air fryer basket.

In a small bowl combine the garlic powder onion powder and smoked paprika. Start slideshow 1 of 6. Drizzle olive oil over the salmon.

Meanwhile season salmon fillet with salt greek seasoning pepper and dill. Just run it empty for 10 minutes. Place salmon fillets in basket sides not touching brush with honey mustard mixture and air fry for 8 10 minutes or until done i like an internal temperature of 145ºf for salmon but cook it how you like it.

Give these air fryer salmon recipes a try. Spread on top of salmon. Rub into the salmon.

Place skin side down in the basket and cook at 390 degrees f for 7 minutes. Preheat air fryer to 400 degrees for 10 minutes. Preheat air fryer to 400ºf.

Preheat the air fryer to 370 degrees f 190 degrees c for 5 minutes. Place in the air fryer skin side down. How to cook salmon in the air fryer.

Preheat air fryer per manufactures instructions. I compiled thirteen of my favorite hearty air fryer salmon recipes that are worth devouring for your next family dinner. Line the inner basket of the air fryer with a perforated parchment round.

Salt and pepper the salmon to taste. Air fryer salmon and veggies.


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